What Should You Keep up with Between Cleanings?

office cleaningThis is an interesting statistic you might not have known: Office cleaning was $61 billion in 2019. It’s not surprising that there are so many things to do in an office cleaning checklist. Commercial cleaning services can be a nice option, but they can also be a costly expense that you don’t want to pay when things get tough. Are you really going to need professional cleaning every week or not?

This depends on the size of your workspace and your team. For most solopreneurs and small businesses, however, the answer is no. You still need to maintain a clean workspace for hygiene purposes as well as making a first impression with potential clients.

We have compiled the ultimate weekly commercial cleaning checklist for your office, with some tips and tricks to make it easier on you.

Office Cleaning Tips


This checklist can be used for weekly cleaning, since entrepreneurs don’t have the time or energy to clean their entire office daily. Dusting is something you can do in a few minutes and it will be a great time-saver. A feather duster will take you less than ten mins to dust all surfaces, including desks, files cabinets, chairs and tables. It will make your office shine and reduce allergens. You might even enjoy it.

Empty your trash cans and restock public areas.

Commercial cleaners are known for their ability to keep everything clean and looking great. Although you don’t need to empty the trash cans every day and replenish the toilet paper each day, it is a good idea to do this once per week depending on how big your office is. It’s easy to empty the trash, but it is also possible to use Instacart and Postmates to get paper towels and toilet paper in a hurry.


Smart alternatives such as the Dreametech D9 robot vacuum make cleaning your office spaces easier than ever before. An upgraded LiDAR system allows the Dreametech D9 to intelligently learn up to three floors. The system uses thousands of invisible laser point to measure the surroundings and build maps in real time. It automatically navigates around furniture, cables and shoes by casting thousands of invisible points per second. This means that you can set it and forget about it.


Although it is not the most enjoyable weekly chore, it is essential for any office that isn’t carpeted. It is important to avoid gunk and grime buildup, particularly in the bathrooms or kitchen. To reduce the workload, you could delegate this task to someone else every week.

Damp wipe telephones, and other shared appliances.

For disinfecting purposes, phones, blenders and elevator buttons, as well as coffee makers, blenders, should all be cleaned thoroughly every week. You can disinfect all buttons and handles of your office with disinfectant wipes. This will take only a few minutes, but can help prevent the spread of viruses in the office.

It is important to run an office cleaning checklist at minimum once per week in order to create a safe and productive environment for your employees and yourself, especially with the current economic climate. A Dreametech D9 is the only investment that you need to make. It will be worth every penny. The Dreametech D9 automates vacuuming, with multi-floor cleaning and virtual maps. You can now spend your spare time on other cleaning tasks, as it is taken care of every week automatically. You can also hire a professional cleaning service to help you.

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