Give The Gift Of Love With Valentine’s Day House Cleaning

Do you want to make a grand gesture that your partner or spouse will truly appreciate this Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you have decided to give do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gifts? Whatever you choose, if you are not in charge of house cleaning, presenting your partner with a neat and tidy home will set hearts aflutter. It will surely make your love feel that you appreciate their hard work as they keep your home tidy. But first, you need to know how you should clean a house correctly.

Take Care of Unpleasant Business First

When you begin your Valentine’s Day cleaning, you should take care of the most difficult area of your home first. Unexpectedly, the room that is the hardest to clean is likewise the smallest. Yes, you got that right. It is the bathroom. Here are the areas that you have to clean and how you need to clean them.

Toilet – get distilled white vinegar and spray it under the toilet’s rim. Grab the toilet brush and scribe all the grime out. Just get in there. Pour about a half cup of vinegar into the bowl and leave it for five minutes. Scrub the bowl again and then flush it. Spritz some vinegar on the outer rim and seating. Get rid of any residue by wiping them away with a microfiber cloth.

Shower – mix ¾ cup of water and ¼ cup of vinegar to create a homemade cleaner for hard water stains. Nuke this solution for sixty seconds in a bowl that is microwave safe. Place the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to mist surfaces that you want to clean. Leave it for three minutes and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaner.

Sink and Tub:

The ways you need to use to clean up your bathtub will be based on the kind of tub you have at home. Is it porcelain, enamel, or acrylic? One good tip that is applicable to all is baking soda. Apply them on the tub and sink. Use warm water as well as a microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaner.


Dusting is the next thing you have to do when it comes to Valentine’s Day house cleaning Myrtle Beach. You should do this before you vacuum so you can make sure that you remove all the dust that has fallen after dusting. Overall, this is most probably the easiest chore you have to take care of. Work your way all throughout the house. All you need to do is use the right tool to wipe all the dust away. Don’t forget about important areas like the blinds, baseboards, and ceiling fans.


Now that your floors are nice and dusty, the next thing you have to do is vacuum. Do it throughout the house even in areas that are not carpeted. In case you do not have carpet, put some baking sodas you go. This is very important especially if you have pets at home as baking soda can neutralize any bad odor in the house.

Cleaning The Kitchen

Your kitchen is definitely included in your Valentine’s Day Cleaning. A few spots you need to focus on are as follows:

Once you have cleared the countertops, mix warm water with dishwashing liquid. Damp the microfiber cloth and wipe down the counters. Rinse the cloth regularly as you go so that you are not spreading dirt around. When that is finished, use a dry microfiber to buff the countertops and change anything you got rid of from the counter. Cleaning stovetops and cabinets are easy. Empty them out and then wipe the cabinet surfaces down using a damp clean microfiber. Take care of the dishes. You wouldn’t want to see a sink that is full of filthy dishes. You can either do the dishes by hand or load the dishwasher. Remember that you can hire cleaning services if you don’t have the time to do all these things.

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