Questions To Ask A Vacation Rental Cleaning Company

cleaning serviceMany owners of vacation homes and condo rentals opt to hire a vacation rental cleaning service to help them maintain the properties and ensure they are in their utmost condition all the time. Most of these business owners brag about how much having professional cleaners have significantly helped in running a vacation rental become less stressful and a lot easier.

On the other hand,  rental 0wners should know that there are different types of professional cleaning companies based primarily on the specific services that they provide, the tools and the products that they use. This is why it is highly recommended that rental owners spend sufficient time in choosing which cleaning company to hire. In Myrtle Beach, there are many local vacation rental cleaning companies such as Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach that vacation rental owners can consider to help them clean and maintain their rentals.

To help rental owners choose which vacation rental cleaning company to hire, here are some things that they should keep in mind at the initial meeting.

  • Confirm with the cleaning company whether they will be providing necessary cleaning supplies for the guests or not. These cleaning supplies will allow the guests to do some basic cleaning in the rental throughout the duration of their stay. Some of these supplies are bin liners for the kitchen and wastebaskets, toilet papers, dishwasher soap, and liquid soap for the bathrooms and kitchen. Note that there are cleaning companies that include this as part of their services, while others can provide these for you with additional costs.
  • Arrange for a schedule when the cleaners will wash and dry linens and towels. If a stash of extra linens and towels are kept in each rental, the cleaners need to know where this stash is so they can easily replace the dirty towels and linens. This is especially helpful during the peak season when guests are often simultaneously coming in and out of the rental.
  • Discuss with the cleaning service Myrtle Beach company which cleaning supplies and tools do they provide. Most cleaning companies opt to provide their own tools and supplies as they are already familiar and experienced with them. They know how to effectively use and repair their tools should an accident happen. Moreover, it is important that the cleaners are comfortable working with their own equipment and tools.

Vacation rental owners can opt to provide their own cleaning equipment and tools and have the cleaners leave them in the rental so that the guests have something to use to keep the rental clean and tidy.

In addition to these keys, a rental owner should also ask the following questions about the vacation rental cleaning company that you will hire.

  1. Do you have back up help in case you get sick or will not be able to come to the rental at the last minute? If the cleaning company does not have a reliable back up, then they are probably not a good candidate.
  1. How do you ensure effective communication? Because the cleaning company sees the condition of the rental before and after guests check in, it is necessary that they implement highly effective and clear communication with the rental owners. This will ensure that any problems will be resolved immediately by the rental owner.
  1. Can you provide photographic evidence of the things that the guests have left behind? This will allow you to verify what the guests have done to the house. In addition to belongings and stuff, some group of vacationers does not know how to take care of or clean the rental, thus, they can leave the rental with lots of dirt and mess.

For more information on vacation rental cleaning, call Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach today and inquire about their services.

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