Step-by-Step House Cleaning Guide

House cleaningWe love to clean, and we love to train. We know that our customers love our services. Sharing is also good. To clean your house efficiently and thoroughly, use our house cleaning checklist:

Before you begin moving from room to room, make sure to pause and listen to some lively music. That’s better. You can now pick up all the clutter and, as you do so, take the time to look at your possessions. You can reduce the amount of clutter you have by removing, cleaning, and dusting less. Look at books, magazines and newspapers, as well as furniture, movies, DVDs, furniture and old computers. Also, look through your closets for old clothes and shoes. For the next dusting, turn off ceiling fans and light bulbs.

House Cleaning Checklist

If you are afraid to open your closets, it is time to reduce and organize them.

Use microfiber cloths to dust (from top to bottom, left to right). This will reduce allergens and improve your home’s air quality. For removing cobwebs, dampened cloths can be tied to the ends mops or brooms. You can use string to close slatted blinds one way, dust the other side, and then close the blinds the same way again. It’s much more effective than trying to do each slat individually. To reduce dusting, make sure to reach the tops of doors and fans as well as light fixtures, picture frames, light fixtures, and other lighting fixtures. To avoid streaking on framed photos, television screens and computer monitors, you can use glass cleaner to clean your cotton cloth or microfiber.

Vacuum. Vacuum only if your bag or compartment is empty. Make sure you use the correct settings and attachments. Be sure to sweep the entire house and all upholstered furniture. You will be astonished at the number of items that are missing (socks, pen, etc.) under your couch cushions.

As part of your home cleaning checlist, sweep and then mop floors (except kitchen). Begin at the far corner of the room, then move to the entrance. After each area is completed, rinse the mop.


  • Furniture freshening. A few wooden pieces of furniture may need waxing every now and again.
  • Clean countertops and cabinets.
  • Appliances (refrigerator and microwave) should be cleaned.
  • Clean the stovetop.
  • Make sure to clean the microwave.
  • Put stove knobs and drip pans in the sink.
  • Make sure to clean around the sink.
  • To avoid any buildup, sweep and mop the floor.
  • Here are more kitchen cleaning tips.


  • If you didn’t remove rugs/wastebaskets earlier, do so.
  • Take everything out of the tub/shower.
  • In the tub/shower, place a bath mat.
  • Warm water can be used to wet the walls of a bathtub/shower.
  • Let grout cleaner dry before applying tile.
  • All purpose cleaner can be used to clean everything except the toilet, mirror, and vanity.
  • To prepare for floor cleaning, fill a bucket with 1/4 cup of all-purpose cleaner.
  • Use a bath mat to scrub the shower/tub door and walls.
  • Use grout cleaner on the tub/shower floor, and scrub.
  • Clean shower rack/soap dishes.
  • Shower track that is clean.
  • Rinse the walls of the tub/shower with water and dry it with a towel.
  • Vanity: Spray tile and grout cleaner in the sink, soap dish.
  • Use all-purpose cleaner to spray your countertop
  • Scrub sink.
  • Apply grout brush to faucets and drains.
  • Rinse your rag and the sink.
  • Clean the vanity countertop.
  • Clean cabinet fronts.
  • Spray glass cleaner on a soft cloth and rub it in to clean the mirror.
  • Shine the faucets.
  • Let the solution in the bucket wash the floor and dry it.
  • You can replace rugs, towels and wastebaskets.
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Your bedrooms will be almost done if you have already cleaned out clutter, vacuumed and vacuumed your house, and tidied your clothes. For the final touch, you can simply do this for your bedroom cleaning:

  • All furniture (chairs and diaper bins) must be returned. You have not put up the vacuum cleaner earlier.
  • Get into bed
  • Straighten.
  • Special projects: How to organize your socks drawer Fold laundry and place in dresser Pillow with a mint?
  • Here are more bedroom cleaning tips.


  • Use a streak-free cleaner for glass (don’t spray too much), and then wipe the area with newspapers.
  • Use a professional-quality squeegee to clean large, difficult-to-reach windows.
  • Take out the window screen frames and scrub with an all-purpose cleaner with warm water. Use a bristle brush to scrub each screen. Rinse with an outdoor hose, then insert the screen back into the window to dry.

Download our house cleaning checklist here.

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