Quick House Cleaning Tips From the Pros

house cleaningAre waiting for guests or relatives’ surprise visit in just a few minutes? Do not worry, you have everything under control. Even if you notice that the house is not that organized, you can still do it. Here are a few quick house cleaning tips shared by professionals.

Quick and Simple House Cleaning Guide

  1. Identify your top priorities

Bedroom, closets, utility room doors, and any room where you’ll stow away things up until everybody has left, should be locked or closed, at least. What remains is most likely the kitchen area, restroom, and possibly guest spaces. Possibly a corridor or entrance too.

When looking for ways to quick house cleaning Myrtle Beach, keep in mind to start where guests may stay. Thus, you can start in the living room or the dining room and even the bathroom.

  1. A fresh smelling room is best

Even if it is freezing outdoors, it will not hurt to open the windows a little and let the moldy smell escape the room. Try lighting up scented candles to develop a fresh scent. The kitchen can be odorless just by putting baking soda in the trash can or toss a pot of water on the range with a couple of drops of a lavender oil. If you do not have essential oils, toss a lemon slice or cinnamon sticks in the water. The fresh fragrance will deceive visitors into believing it’s constantly tidy at your home.

  1. Hunt and collect

Equipped with a garbage bag or empty clothes hamper, go through the high-priority locations and gather dirt or trash. Arrange books in stacks or put toys in a basket where guests will not see them.

  1. Speed-Clean the restroom

To quickly clean the bathroom, you can use a toilet cleaner in the bowl and let it sit while scrubbing the sink. To clean the mirror, a wet paper towel soaked in alcohol or vinegar will do the job.

  1. Never forget the guest room

Always make it a point to clean your guest room immediately. Make sure the sheets and side tables are clean. Open the curtains or blinds to let the natural light enter. Put out a tidy set of towels. End up with the vacuum. If you don’t have the time, the equipment, or the patience to do all these, you always have the option to hire a cleaning service.

The secret to quick house cleaning is to prioritize or let someone do it for you like Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach.

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