Questions To Ask When Hiring A Cleaning Service

cleaning services Myrtle BeachAlthough a house keeper may not need a work license, a surety bond and liability insurance are important. Whether you’re hiring a cleaning service or a self employed housekeeper, they must have a business license, background check, and basic experience. Housekeepers who work for a firm generally get on the job training. You must ask what services are given and what will happen if something goes wrong once you hire a cleaning service or a house cleaner.

How to Find The Right Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping a house clean is a never ending task that will take up most of your spare time. If you don’t want to spend your weekends dusting or mopping, you have to consider getting a house cleaning expert or hiring a cleaning service Myrtle Beach.

Unless the cleaner does certain duties that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency or your local or state government, no specific licensing is needed to become a cleaner. But, you need to work with a professional who would be able to pass a background check and has an existing business license, surety bond, and liability insurance. You also need to choose a person who has experience and could offer references, or someone who has obtained some professional training from a cleaning company.

Remember that when hiring any type of professional to clean your home, every state follows its own set of licensing requirements.

Cleaning Services Vs. Self Employed House Cleaners

Hiring a self employed house cleaner is cheaper and you can easily be comfortable knowing that only one person will take care of your home. Plus, that expert can offer you a more personalized service. However, self employed house cleaners may not be bonded or insured and may not have a recent background check. Additionally, there’s no supervisor that you can report to in case the cleaner offers a bad service.

Meanwhile, getting a cleaning service means bonding and insurance are guaranteed. You can also count on their reliability. But professional cleaning services are more expensive and it could also mean you need to let different people enter your house.

Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

  1. What services do you offer? You need to know upfront if the cleaning company or housekeeper provides the services you require.
  2. How do you calculate your rate? You need to know if they charge a weekly flat fee or if they charge an hourly rate. Some companies charge based on the number of bedrooms you have or you’re the size of your home.
  3. Do you provide your own cleaning supplies? Several companies may provide their own cleaning supplies but the homeowners need to provide the mop or vacuum cleaner. Some may bring their own while others don’t. You should also ask what type of cleaning products they use and if they’re willing to use the products you provide.
  4. What happens if something goes wrong? What if your property gets damaged or if the house cleaner gets hurt? Do they have the necessary bonding and insurance for these situations.

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