Practical House Cleaning Tips This Fall

House Cleaning Myrtle BeachWhen you think of a thorough house cleaning, it’s usually spring cleaning, right? Well, the fall months also offer a great time to get your home in order. There are lots of things to be done to make the coming colder months easier, as well as preparing for the holiday entertaining ahead.

Here are a few practical house cleaning tips to get you started this fall!

De-clutter your home.

Professional house cleaners suggest that this is a great time to purge all that unwanted clutter lining floors or taking up space in your home office or bedroom. Take a hard look around you. If you see items you have not used in a year, chances are high that you probably never will. Take stock of each room and donate or get rid of clothing or other items that you are not using. Get your kids involved too! It’s very empowering for children to have a say in what should be thrown out or donated to charity.

Think about safety and security issues.

This is a great time to check on your heating and cooling system, air filtration or possible window leaks. This will not only give you a cleaner air system but also save you money on your heating bills during the coming winter. Also, clean out your appliances to ensure they are functioning at peak performance.

Wrap up home projects.

Fall is a good time to complete any projects or remodeling that needs to be done. Painting is more difficult in the winter and furniture should be cleaned and protected now, especially outside furniture. It’s also a good time to clean carpets. Wash your walls and clean grout in the bathrooms. Lastly, clean out your garage to make sure you have enough room for your cars. Getting in and out of the garage easily will pay off as the weather turns cold!

Remember that you don’t have to tackle it all on your own! There are great house cleaning companies that you can hire to come in and help get the job done.

Now that schools has started, it is the time to head into the coming holiday season with your house in order. If you have more tips and ideas to share, please leave your comments below!


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