Organizing Your Home This New Year

cleaning services Myrtle BeachThe lull between the two big holidays – Christmas and New Years – is often used to get organized for the upcoming year. Plans are made (called New Year’s resolutions) and we make our plans to be more fit, more organized and more ready for what life has to offer. Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach has a few tips to help you with getting your house cleaning organized.

Daily House Cleaning Tips

Pick up as you go – everyone knows this one but how often do we practice it? When you do the laundry have every member of the house collect their items and put them away. Teach your children to put away the current toys they are playing with before getting out another set of toys. When you pay your bills at the kitchen table mail the envelops and file the stubs. In other words, when you or family members are finished with something make sure that any remaining items are put away.

Only touch your mail once – have baskets or bins where you can place bills, items that need a response and then get rid of junk mail by shredding or disposing of it. As a side note, you may want to keep envelopes from junk mail for small children to play with. While you are paying your bills, they can be at the table pretending to do the same. This will help to teach them valuable lessons.

Keep counters, table tops and desks clear of clutter. Don’t let items pile up on surfaces around the house. Not only does it cause clutter, it also gives you a sense of being overwhelmed.

Make the bed – train everyone in your household to make their bed as soon as they get up in the morning. If you are like me you get the old argument that I am just going to be back into the bed at night but a made bed makes the whole room look neater. It also encourages family members to keep the remainder of the room free of clutter which will help you when it comes time to organize your home and clean it.

Home Cleaning Myrtle BeachWeekly House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning does not have to be a time-consuming job if you get everyone involved. Set aside one hour a week when every member of the family will help. Set a timer for one house and each person is assigned a task. Rotate the tasks so that one person does not feel they are always burdened with cleaning the bathroom for example. When the timer goes off, everyone stops. Then plan a treat for the whole family like going for an ice cream.

If you live alone you will want to pick a couple of times each week to set the one-hour timer and get certain tasks done. Stop at the end of the hour and move onto something you enjoy. This will help to keep house cleaning from becoming an overwhelming chore.

Rotate the food in the refrigerator prior to the weekly trip to the grocery store. This will help prevent wastefulness as older items that are still good are moved to the front of the refrigerator where they will be used. This will also help you not purchase items at the grocery store that you already have on hand but have forgotten about.

Twice a Month House Cleaning Tips

Every other week choose one big job such as waxing the floor, dusting mini blinds or polishing woodwork. Set aside the necessary time and do only that one task during that time. Don’t get distracted by putting away items or starting other projects. Thoroughly do one task and one task only. This will give you a sense of achievement and house cleaning does not become an overwhelming chore.

If you have older children, this is a great way to assign additional responsibility and rewards. At the beginning of the week, you can announce a “chore of the week.” Whoever tackles that chore will receive a special reward.

Six Month House Cleaning Tips

Clean out drawers and closets of items that have not been worn or used during the past six months. You have the option to do this on your own or hire a cleaning service. Place the items in boxes and take them to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. This is a great time to get little children involved in the spirit of giving. Have them go through their toy box and look for toys with which they are no longer interested. Have them separate the toys into piles of broken toys and toys that are still good. Take them with you when you take the items to your local charity. Explain to them how the toys will be used by a child that is less fortunate.

Another great habit for every family member is to get rid of an item when a new item is purchased. For example, when you purchase a new sweater, you get rid of an old sweater that you no longer wear. This is a great habit of children to establish early in their life – when they get a new toy they need to get rid of one toy they no longer play with. Our church has a yard sale a couple of times a year for missions. We have families that keep boxes in their garage or attics where they place items for this purpose. Show children where the box is and explain its purpose. Take them with you when you take the items to the church for the yard sale. Tell them about the missions your church supports and how they are helping with that effort.

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