How can you prepare for your house cleaner?

cleaning servicesIt’s the night before your cleaning service is due to arrive. Your house is probably messy. It’s okay to be messy. That’s why you hired a professional cleaning service. You might be asking yourself, “Should I clean up my space a bit more?” This will allow my cleaning lady to clean my home efficiently and I will get the most for my money. This dilemma is common for homeowners. This blog can help you, no matter what the reason and that includes when you’re hiring cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Tips: Let Your Cleaning Lady Help

Let’s get to the point. While you should let your cleaning lady handle the difficult cleaning chores, it is important that you also clean up after yourself. This means to place things in their correct places.

Take everything off the floor. The vacuum lady will sweep under most things, so keep it as clean as possible.

Countertops can often be used as a catch-all for mail and school papers.

Although your residential house cleaner can do a great job organizing and picking up all the items in a room, it is important to remember that they will be less able to handle the actual cleaning tasks you ask them to complete.

Any time spent picking up is not time spent cleaning.

This is particularly important if you pay her per hour. You expect your cleaner to finish the job quickly and efficiently if you pay her by the hour. If she takes too long and runs out of time, you’d be annoyed. Don’t give her a reason to do this. Take care of yourself and let your partner do the hard work.

You should prepare written instructions for your cleaning lady if it is her first visit to your home. Your professional house cleaner Myrtle Beach SC will be able to identify the priorities you have and won’t forget them.

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How to prepare for a house cleaner

Get rid of all your clutter. A clean, organized home will make your house easier to clean. Instead of putting away toys or picking up clothes, your cleaners can focus on cleaning the baseboards and sweeping the floors.

This will ensure that your house cleaners spend more time cleaning than organizing your home. There is a huge difference between a professional cleaner, and an organizer.

This will also help to ensure that personal belongings are not moved, stolen or placed in strange places. It is therefore important to hire a reliable house cleaner.

Make sure you clean only a small area. Be sure to clean only the essentials before your cleaner arrives. Wash your dishes, then put them away. It can be difficult for your housekeeper to clean the sink if there are too many dishes. It will also ruin the look of your kitchen.

Some tasks that your house cleaner may not be required to perform include washing dishes, laundry and window washing. These additional tasks can be done by your house cleaner if you ask. You will need to be willing to pay more for additional services than the standard cleaning service.

Another thing to remember is that a house cleaner cannot move heavy furniture. Many house cleaners don’t have the ability to lift or transport anything over 30 pounds. This is because of their insurance and the restrictions it places on them. Moving heavy furniture can lead to injuries, strained muscles, and damaged tendons.

If you’d like them to clean under your large couch, you should be willing to assist them in moving the furniture around so that it can be cleaned. Once they are done cleaning, you’ll need to move the furniture into its proper place. This is an easy way to solve the problem, provided you are willing to help.

If you have pets, make sure they are safe and secure during the cleaning process.

What you can expect from a housecleaner

You should note that a standard cleaning service does not include washing dishes, cleaning windows, or doing laundry.

If you have more difficult cleaning tasks, you might consider adding a specialty service such as deep cleaning, move in/out or seasonal cleaning to your bill.

The following are the standard cleaning tasks you can expect our house cleaner to do when they start working at SEATTLE’S GREEN CLEANING AIRY:

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Clean, disinfect and shine tubs and showers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • Clean and disinfect light switches and doorknobs
  • Clean and disinfect the sink Clean, disinfect, shine and shine the outside of your refrigerator
  • Clean kitchen table
  • Clean the microwave from the inside
  • Clean out cobwebs
  • Make beds
  • Vacuum and sweep floors
  • Dust baseboards, door panels, cabinets
  • Dust window sills and blinds
  • Dust furniture
  • Dust frames for pictures
  • Dust lampshade and lamp
  • Clean and dust mirrors
  • All trash must be removed

You will receive an email confirmation describing the tasks that you have included in your booking.

Before they can be sent to your house, all of our house cleaners are subject to a thorough background check.

We are ready to provide an exceptional service.

Our team will gladly work around your schedule if you are not home during the scheduled cleaning service. This will allow you to continue with your daily activities.

Our team will take great care of your home while you are away.

Our teams take the time to ensure you get the best results.

Seattle’s Green Cleaning Fairy takes all cleaning appointments seriously. We would love to help you organize, declutter, and refresh your home. We’ll get rid of the winter clutter and prepare the house for the sun. Let’s get rid of the winter clutter and set up for sunny days ahead.

Cleaning Lady Etiquette Summarized

Let’s say that you are clear about how large and dirty your house is so that the customer service representative can help to book the right type of service.

Double-check your quote for all details.

Is your cleaning service inclusive of cleaning the oven, refrigerator, and washing machine? If so, you can leave this up to the cleaning lady.

A professional cleaner is available to assist you with those more difficult cleaning tasks that you are unable or unwilling to do yourself.

It is still important to remove as much clutter from your home as possible so that the cleaning lady can thoroughly clean it.

Also, you can clean up a bit.

You can make two lists if you aren’t sure where to draw the line. One list will contain cleaning tasks that you would like someone else to do, while the other will include cleaning tasks that you enjoy doing.

These basic tasks will allow your cleaning lady to focus on the actual cleaning that you hired her for.

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