How often should your office be deep cleaned?

janitorial servicesIt is important to keep your office clean for all aspects of your workplace. Cleaning the office frequently reduces the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and germs. A lower number of sick days equals more productivity. A clean office means more productivity. That’s why you need regular janitorial services.

Deep cleaning your office is essential for productivity as well as safety and health. How often should you clean your office? Do you have a specific time frame or number of times your office should be cleaned each year? No. Although every office is unique, there are some general guidelines that can be used to help you get started. These are made clearer when we know the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning, as well as how size affects office cleanliness.

Keep Safe during COVID-19 by Cleaning More

COVID-19 has made a significant impact on how we live and conduct business. It has also changed how frequently and deeply office cleaning should be done. If you suspect or confirm a COVID-19 infection in your workplace, it is essential to do a thorough clean. It’s important to do more than the initial deep cleaning. Coronavirus-infected people will frequent your space with symptoms and without. You can protect your guests, customers, visitors, and staff by making a commitment to cleaning the building regularly and disinfection. You could consider these commercial cleaning Myrtle Beach SC tips:

Handwashing and Sanitizing stations: Placing them in high-traffic areas allows people passing by to take steps to reduce their own risk. This makes your facility safer.

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths Because microbes stick to these tiny fibers, they can remove more than other cleaning and disinfecting methods.

Disinfection misting services: This is a great way to clean a whole room or an area, even those that are difficult-to-reach and delicate equipment. This is a great choice for rooms that are frequently used or areas with sensitive hardware and tech.

COVID-19 can spread to surfaces if they come in contact with hands. To address high-risk areas in your facility, touchpoint disinfection must be performed regularly.

Your office cleaning and disinfecting frequency might vary depending on your industry, how frequently you interact with the public and how often you are open. COVID-19 prevention depends on regular, thorough cleaning.

Regular Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

The frequent cleaning of the office refers to the routine cleaning that staff members do daily, weekly and/or monthly. This includes cleaning one’s desk, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming floors, and clearing out trash. These tasks are designed to improve the overall appearance of the workplace. These are simple tasks that everyone can do, and they add up to maintaining the office’s basic cleanliness.

It would depend on what task we are dealing with to determine how often cleaning should be done. If the garbage bins are full, it should be removed once per week. Desks should be cleaned at least once per week. All of these small tasks should be completed on a regular basis.

Deeper Office Cleaning

Deeper cleaning is a more thorough cleaning that often requires the assistance of professional office cleaners with the right equipment. This includes cleaning floors and grouting, changing air filters and sanitizing surfaces. Anything that requires special tools, specialized knowledge or considerable effort (accessing difficult to reach places, for example) Deep cleaning falls under this umbrella.

For the safety and health of employees, deep cleaning is essential. It is essential to keep your employees safe and healthy. Without deep cleaning, germs, mold and other harmful substances can build up over time and cause illness. This more thorough cleaning is not necessary to be done as often or as frequently as regular cleaning. This would not only be expensive, but also distracting and ultimately unneeded. A typical office should be cleaned at least twice per year. If the budget is tight, it may need to be done more often.

The size and features of an office make a difference

Each office is different, but there are some factors that will help you choose the best office cleaning schedule. Consider the size of your office. First, consider the size of your office. Larger offices will require more frequent cleaning than smaller ones. However, size is not the only factor.

A lot of factors play a part in the design and layout of an office. Particularly, an office with a lot carpeting should be cleaned more frequently than one that has less carpeting. Carpeting is more resistant to dirt and germs than tiled or hardwood flooring. Office cleaning frequency will depend on how much activity is occurring. A busy office with customers and staff will be more dirty and require frequent cleaning.

The best office cleaning companies will work closely with you to determine the most efficient cleaning schedule for your office. MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach will help you make your business safer and more healthy, starting with your office.

MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach offers services that go beyond standard cleaning. They also offer touchpoint disinfection and deep cleaning. This will help lower your risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are able to work with you in order to create a COVID cleaning program and building disinfection plan that suits your space.

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