How often should you deep clean your office?

janitorial cleaning servicesHaving a clean office is important to all aspects of the workplace. First of all, cleaning the office on a regular basis will reduce the number of potentially harmful bacteria and germs present. The productivity of your employees will increase because there will be fewer sick days. And when it comes to productivity, an office that is free of obstacles and distractions would make work much more troublesome. That’s where janitorial cleaning services come into the picture.

It’s very clear that cleaning your place of work is important for health, safety, and productivity reasons. However, how often does your office need to be cleaned? Is there a specific number of times or duration an office needs to be cleaned every year? The answer is no. Every workplace is different but there are a few standard guidelines to follow that may help. These will become much clearer when you know the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning, and how the size of the office will play a crucial role.

Why Get Janitorial Cleaning Services

Stay Safe With Frequent Cleaning

The pandemic has altered so much about how everyone lives and does business, including how often and how deeply office cleaning should be. It’s important to deep clean the office especially when you have a suspect or even a confirmed COVID-19 case in your office. However, it’s important to do much more than just an initial deep clean. People would be in and out of your place of work, some will exhibit symptoms while others don’t, who’ve been exposed to the virus. Regular cleaning, building disinfection, as well as thorough cleaning, are great steps in protecting your visitors, customers, office staff, and guests. Your precautions must include having handwashing as well as sanitizing stations, using microfiber cloths when cleaning, getting disinfection misting services, and touchpoint disinfection.

Although the commercial cleaning and disinfecting frequency might differ slightly with how you interact with the public, what industry you belong to, and how often you open your office, COVID-19 prevention depends on thorough and regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular Myrtle Beach cleaning services refers to the regular cleaning methods that staff members do every day, every week, and every month. These include things such as clearing the desks of garbage, wiping down tables, vacuuming floors, and dusting surfaces. These regular cleaning tasks can help make the work setting cleaner and much more appealing in general.

Deep Office Cleaning

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, refers to a much more comprehensive method that generally needs the help of office cleaning services using the right equipment. A deep clean includes sanitizing surfaces, cleaning floors and the tile grout, changing air filters, cleaning upholstery, and more.

Deep cleaning is important to the safety and health of all your employees. Without it, harmful materials, including mold and germs, can build up slowly and contribute to the illness as time goes by. Deep cleaning services don’t need to be done as often as regular deep cleaning. A regular office can be deep cleaned at least once or twice a year.

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