Will a Gift Certificate For House Cleaning Make Your Wife’s Christmas?

house cleaningAre you in a two-income household?  Do you have children that need to be taxied to various school events?  Does it seem like there is never enough time in the day?  Is house cleaning just one more chore that keeps your wife away from the family?

Myrtle Beach House Cleaning To The Rescue

Yesterday I was on Google and notice this review from one of my customers:

Last year I signed a one year contract with Myrtle Beach House Cleaning service for house cleaning as a Christmas present for my wife. It has been the best move I ever made! Every other week she comes home from work to a clean house and I come home to smiles. It is the gift that keeps on giving. All you guys out there – give your wife the gift of freedom for Christmas and higher the best Myrtle Beach house cleaning service – Myrtle Beach Cleaning Services. You can’t go wrong on that one. “

Would your wife be surprised if you gave you a gift certificate for a regular maid service?  Think of the brownie points you would earn! Not to mention the time it would give both of you to spend with family.

What is included with a house cleaning service?

Think of the time that will be saved by having these tasks done on either a monthly or bi-monthly schedule:

  • Mop, sweep and vacuum all surface floors
  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen counters, refrigerator, and other appliances
  • Clean bathrooms with germicide, clean mirrors, bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks with disinfectant
  • Refill all soap and paper products (supplied by you)
  • Dust your home, including baseboard.

There is nothing like coming home after a hard day at work to a clean home.  Just think of the “kudos” you will get when you return home to a smiling wife.

Call  Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach now if you are thinking of giving a professional cleaning service as a gift to your wife.

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