House Cleaning Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

house cleaningEveryone has been constantly reminded to practice proper handwashing in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Since coronavirus has been known to remain in certain types of surfaces for a long time, WHO and CDC has provided some house cleaning tips to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

House Cleaning Tips With COVID-19 In Mind

Clean Commonly Touched Surfaces

The Center for Disease Control said cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas daily is crucial. Focusing on high traffic areas that allow viruses to spread inside the house is important. These include light switches, doorknobs, chairs, desks, stair rails, cellphones, and remote controls. Anything that you touch all the time especially if it is a hard surface must be cleaned regularly.

Clean and Disinfect All Entryways and Everything That Leave Home With You Every Day

When it comes to house cleaning Myrtle Beach, don’t forget to wipe door knobs every day, inside and outside. It’s also a good practice to disinfect things like keys, backpacks, and bags every day. Do this on all the things that you take out with your every day.

Clean The Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning isn’t a fun thing to do but it should be cleaned regularly. During this time of pandemic, make sure that surfaces are kept clean all the time. This includes the sink, shower, and toilet. Toothbrushes must be kept separate from one another and hand towels must be washed regularly. Get rid of the clutter around your sink. This will help limit the surface area where viruses and germs can stay and survive. By disinfecting the bathroom counters, you will keep viruses away from potentially infecting others in your home.

Clean the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning should also be done. Aside from cleaning the countertops, you should also include high touch areas in the kitchen like lights witches, drawer pulls, as well as the handles and the dials of appliances. You should also consider the items that spread bacteria and germs like cleaning cloths and sponges, which should be replaced and cleaned on a regular basis.

How You Clean Is Essential

What does it exactly mean to clean surfaces? You should understand that cleaning is different from disinfecting. Cleaning means you are removing the germs. Disinfecting means you are killing the germs. Even if you are cleaning the surface effectively, it doesn’t imply that you are disinfecting.

You need to clean surfaces first before disinfecting so that excess grime and dirt is removed. In case the surface is extremely dirty, you have to use a soap or detergent and water before disinfecting. You wouldn’t want the surfaces to be recontaminated while cleaning so, it is better to work from one side of the surface to the other side using an “S” pattern.

You should also remember that disinfecting doesn’t happen instantly. It may also be required to use different methods of application for this purpose. You should also ventilate the room if you are using cleaning products. You must follow the label cleaning and instructions on how to use the product appropriately.

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