House Cleaning Tips: 7 Resolutions for a Cleaner New Year

cleaning servicesYou probably enjoyed the holiday season by making lists and then checking them twice. Why not make a new year’s house cleaning list?

Relax. In 2022, a cleaning routine doesn’t have to consume your entire life or occupy a large chunk of your time. You don’t have to hate a vacuum cleaner, a mop or a broom. It is possible to do it right and quickly. You can clean every room of your house with simple, yet powerful techniques.

These are seven resolutions you can make to live a cleaner year in the coming days, weeks and months.

In 2022, Make Cleaning a Family Affair

You must also get the rest your household on board.

Here are some resolutions to make your home cleaner this year with or without a cleaning service.

Get your family to help you clean up the house for a cleaner year.

Even tiny hands can help around the house, even if they are just helping to put dishes and cups on the counter.

It’s not easy to get children to clean the house. What kind of help can you realistically ask for from your child to clean? It all depends on the age of your child.

Preschoolers are able to put away their toys and dishes; grade-schoolers can clean up spillages, make their beds (if you don’t count the sheet under the bedspread), and clear the table.

Teenagers can help clean their rooms and vacuum the kitchen. Adults should, of course, equally divide the work load. The “compromise approach” is usually the most effective.

With the help of your local residents and a resolve to be honest, you can make 2022 a better year for your family.

Daily Tasks to Cleaner Your Year

Even the most hectic schedules can be accommodated by a few home cleaning chores each day. Clean up wherever you are going. A clean home is more comfortable and will require fewer service visits.

By spreading out the most important cleaning tasks over the months, you can save yourself time that would be spent cleaning up.  This will allow you to spend more time with the people you love – your family and friends.

Make sure you get up every night. For a cleaner year, resolve to get everything in its proper place before you go to bed at night. A tidy home can make a big difference in your outlook for the day ahead.

Avoid making a mess. After each meal, wash dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Who wants to return home with a heap of dirty dishes?

Prevention is a key part of your daily activities. To prevent soap scum buildup during the week, clean the shower walls with a sponge.

Do not be afraid to have hang-ups Like your towel. Hang it out to dry quickly.

The shower door should be left open. To let fresh air in, close the shower curtain after you have finished showering. This will prevent mold and mildew getting a foothold in moist areas.

The Weekly House cleaning Routine

We will continue to clean our homes every week, even if someone else does it.

You can still make your weekly residential cleaning routine easier and save precious time.

Weekly vacuum carpets. You will need to vacuum every area of the carpet or rug for about 20 seconds. You’ll need to be careful if someone in your house has asthma or allergies.

Vacuum carpets often to make a cleaner year.

Dust the right way. Do not just move the dust around, capture it and take it away. Your mom might have used a feather duster to blow dust around, but it eventually settled back where it came from. The vacuum attachment or a dampened cloth are more effective options today.

Clean the toilet. Use the toilet bowl cleaner to clean the inside and under the rim of the bowl. To clean the bowl, use a long-handled, toilet brush. Make sure to get as much cleaner as possible under the edge and into the trap. Allow it to sit for several minutes.

Be careful with soap scum. Unattractive baths can be caused by soapy buildup. Use a tub, tile, and sink cleaner to clean the tub or shower. Let it sit for a while, then use a tub, tile and sink cleaner to break down the hard stuff. Wipe dry with paper towels.

Every week, change the bed linens. Send your bed linens to be spun in the warmest water that is safe for them. Add fabric-safe bleach (either colorfast or chlorine) to the water.

A Monthly House cleaning Routine to Cleaner in the New Year

These cleaning details can be tackled by setting aside an hour on the first, second, or third Saturday of each month. This is the key to a cleaner year.

Disinfect germ collectors. Use 3/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon water to disinfect trash cans. Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a clean towel or paper towel.

Maintain and clean the refrigerator. To keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean, give it a bath once a month. Place the shelves on a towel, and let them adjust to room temperature. Next, wash the shelves in warm water and add a few drops of dish washing liquid to clean them. Finally, scrub the shelves with a nylon scrub brush or sponge.

Make a resolution to do seasonal cleanings this year

Get ready to clean your house at the beginning of every season. This quarterly cleaning program will make your home look cleaner and run more smoothly.

Make sure to clean all windows, including the sills. Keep your home’s windows sparkling throughout the year to let the sun shine through. If you own a home that has more than one story, call a professional – unless you are able to use a ladder and have no vertigo.

Make sure to clean the refrigerator. Cooling performance can be affected by accumulated dust and lint. To clean the coils, remove the toe grille. Take the refrigerator off the wall, and vacuum up any lingering lint, dust or stray crumbs.

Clean fridge door gaskets. Take them out, and wash them with warm water and a sponge. Rinse and dry with a soft, clean towel. To keep gaskets flexible, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Semi-Annual Cleaning

Clean your carpets and upholstery. Deep cleaning is necessary for fabrics that have been exposed to six months of dirt, oil, and germs.

Turn mattresses. Turn mattresses over and vacuum the surfaces.

Clean blinds. Clean mini blinds. You can’t wash them. For professional crispness, call a professional upholstery cleaner.

An annual house cleaning task

Doormats should be welcoming. Wash them with a broom, shake them, and then wash them. You should give them the best buffing treatment. Keep them clean and hygienic.

Inspect the chimney. Make sure the chimney is inspected for creosote buildup.

Vacuum ducts. Vacuum heating vents, ducts, and toe-kick heaters are vacuum heating vents. They keep the air moving freely and conserve energy.

Make sure you sweep up. By sweeping leaves and debris off your roof, you can prevent roof leaks from resulting in costly repairs.

Clean up. Clean your ceiling light fixtures to make them more energy-efficient. You can bring new life to your day by cleaning the ceiling light fixtures with a stepladder and an all-purpose cleaner.

Clean the ceiling fixtures. Clean ceiling fans and air conditioner vents using a cloth as well as a vacuum attachment using the soft nozzle.

Wash everything. Wash cabinets, baseboards, walls, and woodwork. Although the walls might not appear to need a bath, dust and soot can still fall to the floors. It does most of the time, but some clings to vertical surfaces enough to warrant an annual bath using a sponge and hand dish washing soap.

Seal it. To prevent scratches and scrapes that could cause wood to be marred, seal the floor.

A cleaning schedule can be created in just minutes and will give you a spotless house. You’ll be amazed at how shining your home makes you shine. Happy 2022!

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