Five All-Time House Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know

House Cleaning Myrtle BeachFor years, many homeowners have tried to find solutions to make cleaning easier and more manageable. Below are tried and tested cleaning hacks you need to know to make house cleaning as simple and easy. This gives you time to enjoy other activities as well.

House Cleaning Hacks

1. Cleaning you ceiling fan

Cleaning your ceiling fans can sometimes be overlooked.

  • To clean it easily, use a pillowcase sprayed with cleaning spray, climb a ladder, and cover fan blade with the pillowcase.
  • Collect the top of the case together and glide it off the blade. This process takes all the dust and dirt with it.
  • Do this cleaning hack on all your ceiling fans. You can also use paper towels as well.

2. Freshen Your Mattress

This cleaning technique will certainly have it smelling and feeling fresh quickly!

  • Strip the bed mattress of all bed linens.
  • Place a baking soda right into a container with a tight-fitting cover, include 4-5 drops of your preferred essential oil
  • Put the lid back and shake.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda mixture into the mattress, leave it for an hour or two to let the baking soda absorb body oils.
  •  Utilize the vacuum cleaner’s furniture cleaning add-on to vacuum baking soda.
  • Go over it numerous times, in various directions, to make sure ideal outcomes.

3. Bathtub & Shower Cleaner

How many hours have you invested rubbing the soap residue on your bathtub or shower without success? I started to accept that soap residue was simply something I needed to deal with up until I attempted this bathroom cleaning hack.

  • Prepare the vinegar solution: For a 24-ounce container, use 16 ounces vinegar and also 8 ounces Dawn. Heat the vinegar in the microwave till it is warm, after that put right into the spray container. Include the Dawn as well as delicately shake to blend.
  • Next off, spray your shower down as well as the walkway. The longer it rests, the less real rubbing you require to do.
  • Return with a scrub brush then gently scrub the residue away!

Keep in mind: A little goes a long way! The very first time I utilized this, I made use of excessive and invested a great deal of time and water washing the suds away. Ensure the area is well-ventilated, or if it’s a little restroom without a home window, switch on the fan.

4. Clean Your Dishwasher

  • First, draw the lower shelf out and take a look at the drainpipe location; ensure there are no tough portions that can connect the drainpipe, can damage the pump, or scrape dishes. You would certainly be shocked at what dishwashing machine repair service individuals discover … bones, crab coverings, chips of glass, also items of crushed rock!
  • Second, put a dishwasher-safe mug loaded with white vinegar on the top shelf of the dishwashing machine. Utilizing the hottest water possible, run the dishwashing machine via a whole cycle. Put nothing else on the dishwasher except the mug. The vinegar will help get rid of the loosened, oily crud, disinfect, and also eliminate smells.
  • After making use of the vinegar to disinfect the inside of your dishwasher, spray a cup of baking soda around the base of the tub and also run it via a short yet full cycle, as soon as again making use of the best water. The sodium bicarbonate will certainly get rid of any type of smells, as well as get rid of any type of spots.

5. Kitchen Cabinet Grime Remover

My cooking area closets typically collect a substantial layer of gunk on them, particularly near the manages. It might appear inconsistent, yet in some cases, the very best means to combat oil accumulation is with even more oil.

  • Mix the vegetable oil and baking soda with a spoon. Utilizing your fingers (my approach), or a piece of fabric or sponge, work the fine grains of the baking soda right into the surface area.
  • Utilize a toothbrush in the spaces as well as crannies around the equipment. Wipe clean with a moist fabric.

I really hope these cleaning pointers and also methods will certainly equate right into much less time invested cleaning as well as even more time invested doing the important things you like with individuals you like! However, if you really do not have time to do all these cleaning tasks, you can always ask help from house cleaning professionals.

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