House Cleaning Guide For Special Areas in Your Home

House Cleaning Myrtle BeachNo matter how you clean your home, there are some places that attract all kinds of dirt. Most homeowners think that the kitchen is the dirtiest place inside the home. However, you will be surprised how there are more places that attract dirt and bacteria inside your home.

If you ask house cleaning professionals, they particularly pay attention to these areas when cleaning.

Places in Your Home That Need House Cleaning

  • Door Handles, Knobs, Handrails

These parts where people lay their hands on and can spread germs, including COVID. Some door handle designs have detachable knobs, you could go throw them in your dishwasher or take warm, soapy water and clean thoroughly.

In cases where it is non-detachable, you can wipe clean with a washcloth and apply a germ-killing solution.

  • Tubs

The bathtub is a prime location for bacteria, mold, and mildew as a result of the high moisture, dust, gunk, soap residue and also microorganisms that gather there. Mold and mildew could accumulate around hair shampoo containers, too.

According to professional cleaning service, you should use bleach spray and wear rubber glove when cleaning this area. You could  make use of an eraser sponge, but first examine your bathtub surface areas.

  • Washroom Sink

When it comes to cleaning your hands, you instantly go to the washroom sink to rinse off dirt, but then the sink becomes another breeding ground for bacteria and molds to grow. Also, when you brush your teeth, it nurtures germs and bacteria. The top of your soap dispenser pump is no stranger to bacteria too.

We have gone to used liquid hand dispensers. They need to be cleaned off periodically with bleach to prevent spreading germs.

To clean your washroom sink, frequently sanitize the sink as well as the soap pump with an anti-bacterial wipe or a paper towel with a spray of vinegar.

  • Refrigerator/ Freezer

Have you ever wondered how clean your refrigerator or freezer is? Crumbs, splashes, residues of food could get stuck in the spaces as well as crannies of your refrigerator and freezer.

Every month, take everything from your refrigerator as well as clean it with a mixture of cold water and vinegar. If you’re limited on space, utilize vacant clothes hamper to keep refrigerator or freezer items while you clean.

Always remember do regular house cleaning to avoid spreading diseases and illnesses.

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How do professionals clean a house checklist?
Regular house cleaning tasks
  1. Dust all furniture, shelves and decor.
  2. Dust window ledges and blinds.
  3. Dust lamps, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.
  4. Dust baseboards.
  5. Wipe down doors and doorframes.
  6. Clean out all corners for cobwebs.
  7. Tidy shoe closets.
  8. Vacuum all floors, carpets, rugs, and stairs.

Checklist For House Cleaning Myrtle Beach

What should be cleaned daily in your house?
10 Things You Should Always Clean Every Day (Without Question)
  • Sponges. We love a good sponge to wipe, absorb, and eliminate spills on all hard surfaces. …
  • Dishes. …
  • Kitchen Counters. …
  • Dining Room Table. …
  • Bathroom Counters. …
  • Computer Keyboard. …
  • Keys. …
  • Remote controls.

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