Tips For Cleaning Grease Effectively

house cleaningThere’s a lot of reasons why your kitchen’s filled with grease. It could be because of last night’s take out pizza, after deep frying a chicken or cooking burgers in the skillet. You won’t see the mess right after it happens. You’ll most likely notice signs of it after a few days. And unless you have magical powers, you know for sure that you a general house cleaning will soon be on its way.

If you’ve been cleaning your house for a long time, you know that water won’t get rid of grease. Commercial grease cleaners do a fine job but what if you don’t have one on hand? You have other alternatives and you can also hire cleaning services.

Simple House Cleaning Tips To Get Rid Of Grease

  1. Flour

Flour is one of the best things that can clean out grease effectively, according to residential cleaning experts. If the grease is still in liquid form, then you have to clean it right away. Sprinkle flour on the spill to get all of the grease out. Flour works well in absorbing the grease and you can easily wipe it clean. Of course, you have to make sure that the spill is cool enough before touching it.

  1. Water and Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to be a wonderful house cleaning Myrtle Beach agent for many different things. Mix baking soda and water and use the solution to clean coffee, juice, and copper stains from your countertops. Aside from being an effective grease cleaner, baking soda and water can also get rid of discolorations on stainless steel.

  1. Dish Soap

Apply dish soap directly on the grease stains on soft surfaces like table linens and clothing. Allow the soap to soak in for 30 minutes before putting the linens on a cold wash. Soaps will attach to the grease and the fat molecules will wash the grease away. Dish soap is a popular product that can get rid of grease from fabric.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol and Salt

By now you already know what you should do if grease gets on your clothes. But what if it gets on other kinds of fabrics that cannot be tossed in the washing machine? For chair cushion, rugs, carpets, and other fabrics that are unwashable, you can mix rubbing alcohol and salt. Apply the solution into the stain. Continue to rub it until the stain is lifted. Once the solution dries and the grease is gone, clean up the excess salt using a vacuum and remove salt marks using a damp cloth.

  1. Vinegar

Caked on grease stains such as the ones found on baking dishes or the oven can be removed using vinegar. It will soften and dissolve crunchy and touch stains, which you can remove using a soft sponge. You can also boil vinegar in the pan for 10 minutes to prevent stains for several months.


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