House Cleaning For Christmas

residential house cleaningIf you are like me, you already think about the holidays and all the family who will be visiting your home. Although we love Christmas and the family time that it brings, you need to ensure your home is prepared for everyone. These are great residential house cleaning tips before the holidays, no matter if you’re hosting guests or throwing a party.

Tips for Christmas Residential House Cleaning

You will first need to organize your home. You will need to organize your home with or without the help of Myrtle Beach cleaning services. Clutter makes everything look smaller and less spacious. Your guests will require places to store their luggage and personal belongings, so make sure you clear out the areas they’ll be using.

Next dust each room. Take off any drapes you can wash. To avoid having to mop and dust again after removing the curtains, do these things simultaneously.

Make sure to clean your windows from the outside and inside. If you find this tedious, you can wipe the windows down. Once you have cleaned the windows, wipe the baseboards and windowsills down, you can mop the floors. You can hire professional cleaning services to help you out.

Next, we need to clean and change the sheets and pillows. A freshly made bed, with clean linens, is a welcoming experience for guests.

You should still have some energy for Christmas decorating. I like to finish the last bit of Christmas cleaning before I start decorating so that I can get it done as I go. After I have decorated my tree, I clean the baseboards and vacuum the area. Make sure to sweep out any fireplaces and clean them. You can let dust from burnt wood float around the room so sweep it out BEFORE vacuuming.

Finally, consider how your rooms are organized. You may want to re-organize your rooms if you have done heavy decorating. This is especially important if you are planning on hosting parties. Let the season inspire! Christmas cleaning is a great opportunity to organize your home for the remainder of the year.

It will be easier to organize and keep things clean after the holidays – another reason to get into your Christmas home cleaning!

MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach has more tips and information about cleaning. We love cleaning and have many great tips to help you make your life easier. Grab your broom, dust cloths, and get your home sparkling this holiday season.

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