House Cleaning Guide and Safety Tips After A Storm

house cleaning Myrtle BeachA devastating storm or hurricane can wreak havoc not only outside the home but also inside. Various problems and issues arise, aside from fallen trees, damaged roofs, problems with flooding can be your main concern. In order to protect you and your family from disease and further harm, it is important to clean up after flooding caused by a storm or any natural disaster. According to professional house cleaning services, always remember to protect yourself while doing the cleanup.


Here Are Several Safety Tips To Remember

Before doing any work or chore, keep in mind that wearing the right safety gear is your first line of protection. You can wear hard hats, masks gloves or boots to protect yourself from coming in contact with any mold damage.

  1. Tidying up your house can be a huge task. Make sure to look after yourself:
  • Rest when you have to.
  • Choose which clean-up jobs are crucial, and concentrate on those first. That method, you’re less most likely to be overwhelmed.
  • Get assistance in lifting heavy or large items. If you raise excessive by yourself, you might injure yourself. Avoid lifting things that weigh more than 50 pounds to avoid straining your back.
  • Get assistance from a member of the family, good friends, and house cleaning Myrtle Beach, whenever necessary.
  1. Be cautious when entering structures that have been damaged. If possible, wait until morning to go inside any home or building.
  1. Watch out for electrical hazards. Since water is the enemy of any electric wiring, it is important to shut OFF the main power to prevent electricity from coming in contact with flood water.

House Cleaning Guide

Now that you are ready with your clean-up task, here are several tips from the house cleaning experts, to help you clean your house easily.

  • Moisture and dirt are the two factors that encourage mold growth. To prevent this from happening, clean up and quickly dry your home 24-48 hours after a flood. You can open windows and doors to let air come in or use fans to dry up wet areas of your home.
  • If your mattresses or carpets have been soaked in flood water, clean them and dry immediately. You can also ask help from carpet cleaning professionals to ensure carpets do not grow mold.
  • Clean surfaces with a mixture of kitchen cleaner, bleach, and water
  • Discard anything that you cannot clean up or dry rapidly (such as bed mattress, carpets, carpet cushioning, carpets, upholstered furnishings, cosmetics, packed animals, infant toys, pillows, foam-rubber products, books, wall coverings, and paper items).
  • Completely clean all damp products and surface areas with warm water and laundry or dish cleaner. For instance, you’ll wish to clean up any floor covering, concrete, wood and metal furnishings, countertops, home appliances, sinks, and other pipes components.
  • Repair any leakages in roofing systems, walls, or pipes as quickly as you can.

After cleaning, it is important to disinfect in order to prevent bacteria from developing which can later cause diseases.

Cleaning up after a storm can be a tiring task, but you can always call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach to help you out.

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