Holiday Home Cleaning Tips For The Not-So-Perfect People

house cleaningYou have more than a dozen of holiday parties to go to, a 12 hour baking marathon, not to mention, your kids are out of school and wreaking havoc in your home. Spending time in your home isn’t your main priority for now. Rather than trying to be like Martha Stewart, it’s alright to cheat your way through the holiday season. You can even hire a home cleaning service for convenience.

Home Cleaning Tips For The Holidays

Follow the list – start the holiday season with a brain dump. Create a list of all the home cleaning Myrtle Beach tasks that annoy you but have to deal with between today and the New Year’s. These may include buying gifts, decorating the front yard, giving your windows a thorough cleaning, taxes, and many more. Once you are done with the list, go through it once again and get rid of anything that you don’t need to do. Prioritize all the household tasks that matter and get rid of the ones that go beyond cleaning the surface that your guests may notice.

Make your home smell great – a rosemary roll can make any home smell good but not everyone has the time to bake during this time of the year. But don’t fret. There are other ways to give your home that just baked aroma. All you need to do is simmer lemon, vanilla, and thyme in a small pot on the stove. That’s it.

Don’t mind your kids’ mess too much – you don’t have to put every single toy away. Your children are enjoying their vacation and the fun starts all over again once they wake up. Let your little ones enjoy their freedom.

Concentrate on the obvious – this is quite obvious but there are instances when you can allow yourself not to be perfect. Of course, you would like to live in a clean house however, there’s really no need for you to clean every shelf and closet. Instead, you need to concentrate on the places that your guests would see and use. Clean the hand towels in your bathroom as well as the sink and the toilet.

Hire a professional home cleaner – even if you are a dire hard DIYer, you can still hire a professional house cleaning service. You always have the option to outsource the cleaning tasks that you are not comfortable with or not good at. The tasks that will take you days to finish can be completed by an expert in a matter of hours.

Outsourcing house cleaning doesn’t not always have to be expensive. You can have your friends or family to help you. Or you can hire a cleaning service. There are companies that offer cleaning services for reasonable prices.

Keep it real – once the big family holiday gathering comes and everything is just a mess, don’t panic. Some of the most wonderful days didn’t start out right either. For most guests, what matters most is that you are together. If you approach the get together with good intentions, it might not be as successful as you want it to be, but your guests and family will still appreciate the time and effort you put in to prepare the festive get together.

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