Tips For Hiring Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

cleaning serviceComprehensive vacation rental cleaning and maintenance is a must, especially, if you want to reduce the risk of complaints from your guests. With a ton of expert cleaning services out there and wonderful cleaning items to pick from the market, there is no excuse whatsoever for any rental to have a bad cleaning routine.

For repeat reservations and to be able to ask visitors to refer your property to family and friends, hiring a rental cleaning service Myrtle Beach and maintenance needs to be on the top of your priority list.

Vacationers are Picky

“I’m the type of visitor that, when staying in a rental condo, home or hotel, will check everything in the space from the bed linen sheets to the windowsills for any undesirable hairs, grime, or dust,” says one guest.

He added that you only have to experience staying in grubby accommodation once, to be scarred for life.

So as vacation homeowners or property management company, it is even more important that your guests discover absolutely nothing to grumble in terms of cleaning and hygiene when they rent your home or condo at the beach, otherwise, your lack of attention to details could leave your online trustworthiness in shambles due to bad reviews.

If you are not a local resident or do not have the time to clean and maintain the unit yourself, then think about working with an expert cleaning service, it could make all the difference

However, if you choose to do your vacation rental cleaning and upkeep, here are few tips for you to think about:

  1. Excellent rental cleaning means, looking for limescale, dripping taps, spots of mold, damp, or faulty plumbing fixtures between guest check out.
  2. An appropriate vacation rental-cleaning task is inspecting your air-conditioning and heating unit to make sure they are working properly, and are serviced often. Oh … and make sure to dust any air vents too.
  3. Exceptional Myrtle Beach vacation rental and house cleaning service would likewise involve: clearing out plug drains– there is nothing worse than finding someone else’s hair in the restroom or in the bed sheets, plus the plugging of hairs can also trigger unneeded plumbing
  4. Top-notch rental cleaning at a minimum ought to consist of: washing blankets, bedding, linen, and towels on a regular basis.
  5. Excellent rental cleaning should include: having your carpeting, and drapes deep cleaned annually and the oven cleaned a minimum of once a month.

Points for Myrtle Beach Rental Upkeep

Along with the rental cleaning between guest changeovers, it is  essential to carry out regular maintenance checks making sure everything remains in good working order prior to the next visitor’s arrival, so that any glitches can be addressed quickly.


This is so visitors can deal with fundamental issues, a useful touch is to keep a set of tools such as a plunger, hammer, screwdriver and nails, mop and bucket available in your rental unit so that your visitor can have access to them.


A great call is to make certain that there are spare batteries and light bulbs in the rental home in case they might be needed.


Security is essential, so checking that the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide gas detectors are operating efficiently on a regular basis makes sense.


Scan the walls for scratches/marks and touch them up when detected. Be sure to repaint walls when they are looking a bit faded to keep that fresh look.


Clean grout and rubber seals frequently to prevent the buildup of mold/mildew and change as quickly as they get stained.


Should to your visitors have any issues with the accommodation, have on hand a list of emergency contact numbers. A smart idea is to put the details into the guest handbook– together with any contact numbers for plumbing professionals and electrical experts for when you or your caretaker isn’t readily available to fix the issue instantly. A phone book is also an excellent backup.


Together with the interior of your property, ensure your vacation rental cleaning and upkeep includes the exterior of the accommodation. Repair broken tiles; repaint walls, look for leaks in the roofing system. Impressions count so clean the entryway areas, garden and/or terrace to leave a lasting favorable impression.

We would love to provide you with a quote for all your vacation rental cleaning needs. Call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach to schedule a time for us to come out and see what you have in mind.

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