Easy DIY Fixes for a Naturally Tidy Kitchen area

cleaning servicesvAre you sick and tired of investing huge dollars on chemical cleaners chockfull of frightening ingredients? If so, it may seem that your only choice is to head out and purchase organic versions with even scarier prices. Nevertheless, there are alternatives. You can find some fantastic natural cleaners already in your pantry or on the shelf of your local health food store. No advanced chemistry degree is required to use “as is” or mix them up into cleansers that will assist you wash away gunk and grime throughout your kitchen. If you decide to hire a cleaning service, there are companies that use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Natural Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Non-toxic Dishwasher Soap

Make your own dishwasher soap with pure, non-toxic components. You can even form it into helpful pre-measured tablets. The recipe calls for you to mix natural borax, washing soda, citric acid, and kosher salt with sufficient water to hold everything together, then pour it into a mold.

If you don’t own a dishwasher or choose to do your fragile products by hand, make dishwashing liquid from well-diluted castile soap, grated soap, or soap flakes blended in a 1:4 ratio with warm water. Add a drop or more of vital oil for a pleasant scent and store in among those giant plastic detergent bottles you will not be buying anymore. A set of multiple-use hand-knitted dishcloths includes much more eco-friendliness.

Cleaning Counters

The dishwashing liquid described above may likewise be used for cleaning up counter tops. Some individuals like to add sodium bicarbonate for extra scrubbing action; just ensure you remove all the grit it leaves behind. Take care never to utilize vinegar or other acids on stone counter tops (granite or marble, for instance), since they harm the surface. A magic eraser rapidly gets rid of scuffs, specifically on counter edges.


You can use vinegar to clean and ventilate a porcelain or stainless-steel sink, in addition to your drain. Wet the sink interior and spray with baking soda. Let sit for 5 minutes, then add a spritz of vinegar or lemon juice, being careful to cover the entire surface. Wait an extra 10 minutes and flush with a kettleful of clean boiling water.


Kitchen area cabinets tend to become splashed with oily splotches, especially if they are surrounding to the stove. It may appear counterproductive, but the very best way to get rid of grease is by utilizing more grease. Try rubbing with an oil-based soap or homemade Goo Gone (one part cooking oil to 2 parts baking soda). Some folks even suggest wiping down with a napkin dampened with a little bit of oil. In either case, wash with warm water. Avoid hard scrubbing with items like Magic Eraser, which may damage cabinets’ surface.


The very first green cleaning service Myrtle Beach idea I ever learned was a fast method for getting windows clean and clear. I had thought that the blue stuff in the squirt bottle was the only method to wipe, till I was informed that old papers work just as well and are a lot more environmentally friendly. Just damp the glass gently with a spray of water (you can blend a quarter-cup vinegar with 2 cups water for much more cleaning power) and use the crumpled paper to carefully rub dry. Nowadays, this approach is a little more difficult since I not buy newspapers, but the newsprint leaflets that accumulate in my mail box are an appropriate replacement. The paper can be composted after usage.

For major, once-a-year window cleansing, I take my windows out of their frames and utilize rags to wash them down with natural dish liquid. Rinse and clean dry.


To avoid scratching, clean dust and dirt from every kind of cooking area floor regularly, using a soft broom or dry dust mop. Wood floors in your cooking area and all over your home must be treated with care. Wash them with clear water or cooled tea, making sure not to soak them with water. Other kinds of flooring may be cleaned with soap and water to get rid of the salt discolorations so common in locations with icy winter seasons, you can add a splash of vinegar to the soap service you utilize on your tile or durable floorings.

Call us today for a quote on not only thoroughly cleaning your kitchen but also the entire house. Now is a great time for a deep clean before the busy holiday season.

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