Disinfecting Vs. Sanitizing Vs. Cleaning

house cleaningWhat is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting? Here are the basics of house cleaning.

What Is Cleaning?

Cleaning means getting rid of visible dirt, debris, and dust. It also involves organizing a space. You use detergent or soap to clean a surface then water to get rid of soil and germs using a cleaner, scrubbing, and water temperature action.

What Is Sanitizing?

If a product says it is sanitizing a surface, it’s promising to make a surface that is free of germs, which could be harmful to your health as per the public health requirements or standards. Sanitizing will reduce not kill, the growth and number of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What Is Disinfecting?

Disinfecting kills fungi, viruses, and germs on surfaces. You need to use EPA approved chemicals if you wish for the disinfection to be effective in killing germs and preventing them from spreading.

Should You Clean, Sanitize, or Disinfect?

Residential cleaning is something that you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and even on a seasonal basis. Sanitation is crucial for your hygiene and healthy and is essential on light switches, doorknobs, countertops, and similar surfaces. Disinfecting must always be performed when someone in your one is ill or if somebody has a compromised immune system.

Tips For Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Properly

Do routine cleaning

Clean your house regularly. It is the best way of protecting your family from different kinds of infectious diseases. If you need help, you can always hire a cleaning service.

Add disinfecting and sanitizing products if someone is ill.

In case somebody in your house is ill or if someone has a compromised immune system or if there is an outbreak of a virus in your community, you should add disinfecting or sanitizing products to your routine when cleaning your house.

Read the label and follow directions

Nearly all disinfecting and sanitizing products like the ingredients on wipes, should stay on a surface for between four and ten minutes to kill bacteria and germs effectively. You should use enough amount to keep the surface wet for the whole time and the let the surface air dry.

Use the products safely

Never mix chemicals whether it’s for residential or commercial cleaning. An excellent disinfectant, chlorine bleach, and an excellent cleanser, ammonia, if combined will create a toxic gas that could lead to lung damage and even death. Always have sufficient ventilation when you are using any kind of cleaning product. Don’t forget to wear gloves and protective eyewear. Wash your hands with warm water and soap after you handle soiled garments, empty waste receptacles, and use any cleaning products.

Match the most effective cleaning product with the things that need to be cleaned

Keyboards, touchpads, cellphones, game controllers, remotes, and all other electronic devices are full of germs. These devices are warm, which attracts bacteria to go forth and multiply. However, these times can’t be cleaned using bleach, water, and soap. Check out the cleaning instructions set by the manufacturer and use an alcohol or disinfectant wipe to clean these kinds of devices. You can also hire a janitorial service to do this for you.

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