Cleaning Services Tips on How to Create a Healthy and Safe Environment for Your Kids

house cleaningWhen you bring a child into your home, it is an exciting and special experience. Before you bring your little one home there are a few modifications that should be made to make your home safe for your child. As an adult, we understand how to move through our homes without an issue. However, as your child grows and start to navigate around the rooms it will be necessary to make your home accident-proof, thus reliable house cleaning is also necessary.

Cleaning Services Child Proofing Tips

1. Minimize the chances of falling

Tripping or falls are the most normal causes of the majority of kid injuries, and this is why you need to take steps to make sure that you have lowered the chances of this happening.

  • Stairs: This is one of the most prevalent areas where children can be seriously hurt in a fall. Installing a security gate at the entrance of the stairs is one way of keeping children from climbing the stairs and then falling.
  • Balconies: The terrace is no place for a child to be left behind, thus, you need to set up a fence to guard the door and prevent them from falling.
  • Windows: Not many individuals understand that a kid can easily fall through a home window. Despite the fact that small children are normally unable to unlock and open a window, there are scenarios when this may happen. The best and most efficient way of avoiding this is by setting up window guards, particularly installing them on the upper-story windows.
  • Lights: Kids regularly wake up throughout the night to go to the restroom, so leaving lights on in the corridor is a great method to prevent tripping in the dark.
  • Floor type: There are floors available that are less slippery than traditional floors. Check with a flooring company for ideas on which floor types are best for your child’s safety. This is a small investment to make that will keep our kids safe.

2. Preventing burns and scalding from occurring

There countless things inside a home which can trigger burns, such as the stove or oven, hot water, hot drinks, heaters and microwaves. The only way to prevent this from happening is to keep your child far from all these devices by locking the kitchen. A good setting for your hot water heater is not more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improve fire safety

There are numerous things that can trigger a fire within a home and the best preventive step that you must take is to install smoke alarms inside your house. Individuals typically set up a single smoke alarm on each floor of the home, which is a legal commitment in some areas. Although it will result in a little bit of a financial investment, it is a far better alternative to have these devices in as many spaces inside your home as possible.

On the other hand, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible in emergency situation scenarios. Make certain that you regularly evaluate your smoke alarm and that you change their batteries when each year.

3. Be safe when it pertains to poisoning

Children under five are particularly in danger of mistakenly consuming poison. This is the age when children like to check out everything that surrounds them. There many chemicals throughout the home that should be totally eliminated from the reach of children. Here are some of the services to this problem.

According to house cleaning Myrtle Beach professionals, keep all dangerous liquids, such as cleaning chemicals, far from any space that is available to children.

Store all these liquids in high cupboards which cannot be reached by kids. Keep them locked — this will ensure that the child can not reach them in any way.

Set up child-safety locks. These are great gadgets that can help you in case you do not have high and unreachable cupboards.They make all of the cupboard doors locked while adults can still open them with a more powerful push or pull. In addition, these locks are very helpful for drawers as well, as they will keep your children’s fingers safe.

4. Don’t forget about water safety

This is something that depends totally on you. If your house has a pool, never ever leave your kids near it as they can easily fall in. You can set up a fence around the swimming pool, followed by a self-locking gate. On the other hand, the same goes when it concerns the bath. Do not leave your child, even if they are with an older sibling. Reserve bath time for when you can give your child your undivided attention and do not leave the bath area.

5. Keep children clear of electricity

Throughout the growing-up period, children are really inquisitive — this is why it is your responsibility to keep electricity, in any type, out of reach of your child. All of us understand how dangerous and lethal electrical power is, so make sure that you take these steps to guarantee that your child remains safe from an electrical shock.

  • Safety switches: If you do not have safety switches in your house’s electrical system, immediately call a professional electrician and have them installed. In the event of irregular electrical activity, this device will turn off the electricity in your home. They also help with avoiding fires which makes your home a safer environment for the whole family.
  • Cables: Keep each electricity cable in new condition, as they separate the electricity. If you need to change them, call a Myrtle Beach electrician — this will keep you safe and your entire family safe afterward.
  • Sockets: You have read about a child being electrocuted when they have inserted an object into an outlet that conducts electrical energy. To avoid this from happening, make certain that you use electrical socket covers that make it literally impossible for a child to place anything in them. Make sure that you utilize the covers for all the sockets in your home, even for those which are in rooms where your child does not normally hang around.

Keeping your house safe for your children is a full-time job and some investment is needed. However, it serves to protect your kid during his or her most vulnerable developmental years. Bear in mind that most of these problems happen when kids are ignored, so make sure that you keep your children in your line of vision at all times. It takes just a matter of seconds for bad things to occur, and no matter how safe your home is, accidents can still take place.

Having a clean home that is free of germs is also necessary for children. Sometimes keeping a clean home along with child rearing can seem overwhelming.

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