Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach With Holiday Cleaning Tips

cleaning serviceYes, the holidays are rapidly approaching.  That means baking, shopping, parties and friends – who has time for cleaning?  Here are a few tips that will help you keep your home looking its best for planned parties or unexpected guests and that includes hiring a reliable cleaning service.

Carpet Spills Cleaning Tips

Having your carpets cleaned prior to the holidays getting into full swing is a great idea.  If you schedule your cleaning ahead of time, you are more likely to get the day and time you request.  However, no matter how careful you try to be, someone is going to spill their food or drink on your clean carpet. First step is to dab up as much of the excess liquid as soon as the accident occurs.  For easy cleanup, mix one tablespoon of mild liquid detergent with ½ cup warm water (as a substitute, you can also use the same amount of white vinegar). Take two clean towels and use one to dab the stain and the other to blot the area and soak up the spill.

Keeping Frost Off Your Windows

We are fortunate to live in a mild climate but we still get frost on the windows from time to time.  If your neighborhood is like mine, the homes are beautifully decorated for the season and you want to be able to look out and enjoy the view.  Simply wipe your windows with a mixture of ½ cup of either rubbing alcohol or antifreeze and one quart water.

Cleaning Holiday Knickknacks

Holidays are a great time to get out our special figurines and other decorations to display around the house.  Unfortunately, this adds to the dusting and cleaning that needs to be added to an already busy schedule.  Try this for keeping the dust off your display – place your knickknacks in the kitchen sink, then spray them with window cleaner.  Do not dry them – simply move them to a paper towel to air dry.  This trick will work with china, glazed or ceramic figurines or glass.

Cleaning Candle Wax

I love to light up my home with candles, but getting rid of the wax can be a problem.  Let take a look at two solutions:

Candlesticks – after that great party, place the candlesticks inside the freezer for an hour or so.  When you remove the candlesticks, the wax should peal right off.  If you are pressed for time, another alternative would be to run the candlestick under very hot water and use a towel to cover your hand and gently remove the wax.  The freezer method is much easier!

Tablecloths – If the wax is still warm, you apply an ice cube to harden the wax and then remove with a knife or spatula.  If you still have wax on the cloth, you can place a paper towel on top of and underneath the wax area and press with a warm iron.  Repeat the process until all of the wax has been absorbed into the paper towel.   You will then want to sponge any remaining waxy residue with a dry cleaning solvent and wash the tablecloth as soon as possible.

Cleaning Your Fireplace

If you are like my husband, he manages to get the ash dust spread all over the room when he cleans out the fireplace.  To prevent this from happening, simply lightly drop damp tea leaves onto the ashes first.

To make your slate hearth shine, wash it every month to six weeks and then when it is dry, then use lemon oil to wipe it down.

Having the kids over for a marshmallow roast can be great fun but a mess to clean up.  Take a cloth and use kerosene to moistened and clean the sticky fireplace tools.  Make sure you allow the tools to completely dry before you use them again!

Cleaning After a Holiday Party

Of course the best way to cleanup is to call Myrtle Beach cleaning services and leave the work to us! If that is not possible follow these tips:

  • As you are cleaning up the bottles, cups and glasses and emptying them into the sink, look for any spills and clean them up right away.
  • Fill the sink with soapy water and put any hard to clean dishes into the water to soak. Run the first load in the dishwasher.
  • Grab that large garbage bag and head to the outer perimeter of the party. Work your way toward the kitchen picking up debris.
  • Use this same procedure to clean floors and rugs and dust furniture – working your way from the outside toward the kitchen.
  • Clean up the kitchen and take out the garbage.

Are you reluctant to have friends and family over during the holidays because you don’t have time to clean?  Give Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach,  a call.  We can clean before and after the party or on a regular schedule. We are here for your cleaning needs.

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