The Benefits And Disadvantages Of DIY Pressure Washing

cleaning servicePressure washing is an excellent option when it comes to getting rid of stains, dirt, as well as mold from the exterior of homes and stone patios and wood decks. But if you do not want to do it yourself, you can always hire a pressure washing business company to get the job done. Some landscaping and decking companies offer such type of cleaning service.

DIY Pressure Washing: A Simple Reminder

In case you decide to pressure wash your house or deck yourself, renting a pressure washer will cost you as much as $75 a day depending on your location.

In case you are looking to purchase a residential electric pressure washer, you can pay between $70 and $200. In terms of power, gas pressure washers have more compared to electric ones and they can range from $300 to $1,000. You will need to spend a minimum of $1,000 if you want to buy powerful power washers.

For pressure washers, the power is evaluated in pounds per square inch and several pressure washers have as much as 3,000 PSI. This is more than enough to punch holes in the siding, erode cement, cause damage to the decks, and even cause injury.

Do not go overboard when you are pressure washing or cleaning a deck or a house. Begin with the lowest setting and work your way up in case you find yourself dealing with stubborn stains.

Stay Safe All The Times

Do not point a pressure washer to pets or people, and make sure that you always wear protective glasses and gloves, boots, as well as long sleeves before you operate one.

In case it is windy, pay close attention to where the wind is blowing to prevent water and debris from being sprayed back in your direction.

In case you are pressure washing your home, always begin at the top and then work your way down. You should avoid electrical outlets, screens as well as windows. You should know your surroundings and always be careful when you are using a pressure washer around electrical panels, overhead wires, as well as exterior lights.

Hiring A Cleaning Service

Although you can take on minor pressure washing jobs like a deck or a one story house, for big jobs, you need to call a professional cleaning service Myrtle Beach in your area. They have the best equipment to get the job done and they know how to deal with hard to reach areas. They also possess the experience to get it done without failing. They know the proper ways of cleaning certain areas like the roof without causing potentially costly damages.

Call Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach if you wish to know more about pressure washing or you would like to hire a professional who can handle this task for you.

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