Cleaning Your Office For Maximum Productivity

Commercial cleaning providerWhen you look at your desk, are you afraid you are going to drown in all the clutter? Many people find themselves in this situation, so it’s important to know how to keep your office clean and organized. Your office should be a place of high productivity and having it unkempt makes it very difficult and uninspiring. If office cleaning does not seem like your cup of tea, then read on—it’s simpler than you think.

Steps To Cleaning Your Office Space

Keep your work area clean

While your desk should be the place to get a lot of work done, many times it ends up being the catch-all for clutter. Take a look at the desk at the end of each day. Papers should be filed, organized or discarded. Do not let stacks build up. Your desk at the end of the day should be clean, with only a few items on it such as the computer, phone, notepad, and pen. Utilize those desk drawers by storing items such as staplers, tape, and other loose items.

Keep The Kitchen Clean

It may not be your own home kitchen, but it should still be kept clean! If you have a small kitchen or break room, do your part to keep it clean by throwing away trash, washing out empty coffee cups and making sure food is put away. If you see sugar all over the counters by the coffee pot, wipe it up and ask others to do the same. Don’t forget the fridge—office staff often leave food in the fridge for months, creating a science experiment that nobody wants to see!

Decide Who Will Do The Cleaning

While some businesses choose to hire out a cleaning service, others may just ask employees to pitch in and help out. If you do have a cleaning company coming in, check to see that you’re getting what you pay for. Are they doing a good job or do you have to go back behind them? Check to see if the furniture has been moved periodically and look for signs of dust build-up in areas that might show negligence from a cleaner. If it’s clear they haven’t been thorough, have a chat or hire someone else.

Take Down Seasonal Décor

If you’re one of those people who leave Christmas decorations up for half the year, get over it! Take down any out-of-season decorations and clean your space up.

It doesn’t take much to have a clean office space if a little is done each day. There is no question that a clean and organized environment is key to feeling productive and inspired. Just clearing away clutter and outdated memos, etc., can go a long way. Also, you might rearrange your office furniture—that can make the room seem larger and it can also give you a boost of creativity from making a change in your daily routine.

If you don’t want to take on the task of cleaning yourself, call us today and we’ll help! We’re experts at organizing, cleaning, and all things that will help you run your life and business better.

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