Five House Cleaning Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

cleaning servicesAlthough house cleaning might not be your favorite activity, it is essential. It’s essential if you want your home to be safe and keep your family healthy.

We all want to do our housework in the most efficient way possible and get the best results. Here are five common house cleaning Myrtle Beach errors that most people make. You can make some improvements to your cleaning habits and get more done in a shorter time.

Common House Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning jobs are put off

Is it better to wipe up jelly on the floor immediately or let it sit for a few days? Even if it’s not urgent, jelly can be tracked across the floor and will attract ants to your home. Either spend 15 to 20 seconds addressing the issue right away or wait 20 to 30 minutes before cleaning up.

This principle is applicable to all cleaning jobs. It is possible to make “heavy” cleaning a lot easier by spending a few minutes cleaning and decluttering each room. It is important to clean the kitchen and wash dirty laundry. After each use, wipe down the bathroom sinks and shower doors. Get rid of any clutter such as mail and receipts.

The weekly chores of vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, mopping the kitchen floors, and doing laundry become much easier.

Starting at the Wrong Place in a Room

We don’t want to spend too much time cleaning. You’ll need to go back and do a thorough clean if you start in the wrong place.

Start by clearing out clutter. You can either throw them out or give them back to the right place. Only handle items once, then get rid of them. There is no need to spend time cleaning around them.

Start at the top of a room, then work your way down. You’ll need to clean the floor once dust settles.

Start at the top when cleaning your shower walls, doors, or windows. You won’t need to go backwards to clean drips.

Use the wrong cleaning products

A cleaning product that doesn’t have enough strength can leave behind dirt, and you will need to repeat the process. Did you wash clothes and find stains on them? The wrong laundry products were used. For best results, read labels and follow directions.

Not only can it save you time but also save you money. Some surfaces can be permanently damaged if you use the wrong cleaning products. You can’t use scrubbing powder to clean stone countertops or furniture.

Natural or green cleaning products are a great way to reduce chemicals in your home. If used properly, they can also be very effective.

Use dirty cleaning tools

Cleaning tools can make matters worse by spreading bacteria and soil. Kitchen sponges can be a breeding ground for coliform bacteria (Salmonella and E.coli) if they are not properly cleaned. Washing machine that is not cleaned often can leave behind body soil, which can cause laundry to smell bad. A dirty vacuum can produce dusty omissions with each use.

Between each use, take the time to clean your mop heads, cleaning cloths, and scrub brushes. Disposable tools such as dusters, electrostatic cloths, and disinfecting wipes are great but you shouldn’t use them all to clean your entire house. Use a new disposable for each cleaning job.

Not teaching kids to help with household chores

When they are young is the best time to involve your children in chores around the house. Toddlers are eager to help their parents do all the chores. Start small, such as folding towels and putting them away. Or bringing dirty clothes to the laundry area. As they get older, you will be able to add more difficult chores such as actually doing the laundry.

Make a chore chart for your children and show them the same principle. Having a few small tasks to do every day will make the job easier. Start small with tasks such as dusting flat surfaces and washing windows with non-toxic cleaners (distilled vinegar and water), and then move on to more difficult chores. While there will be some grumbling, you’ll be doing your best to help them when they are out on their own.

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