Cleaning Service Guide to Clearing Out Your Garage

house cleaningMost people hate the idea of cleaning out their homes and closets, much less their garage! The garage tends to be that space in the house where we toss our junk out of sight or make a mess with various projects. But at some point, you will want to clean out your garage and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Since the garage is usually exposed to bugs and rodents, nobody really wants to go out there for very long. But cleaning it out and giving it the once over will keep those pests at bay. Here is a house cleaning guide to help get you get started with making your garage a pleasant place again!

How To Get Started in Cleaning Out That Garage!

Start with organizing

This is the first step in cleaning out any large area. It will make the rest of the task go so much smoother! Start by going through all your stuff and creating areas to pile them in. Place related items in the right pile. You might create a pile for athletic items, a pile for Christmas decorations, etc. Be very thorough with this process so you can easily move on to the next house cleaning Myrtle Beach step.

Don’t be afraid to throw things out!

Let’s face it—you cannot properly clean out a room without being willing to trim down and throw things away from time to time. If you are a pack rat, this might be challenging for you, but try to push yourself to get rid of some things. Nothing creates chaos in our lives and minds like clutter around us. Clear the clutter, and you’ll be amazed at how light and care-free you feel!

Start with cleaning out old things. If you’ve got outdated electronics, throw them out or donate them. Do you really need the extra roll of wallpaper from the last remodeling 15 years ago?  There’s practically nothing you can’t read online now, anyway. Make a pile for items to keep, items to throw away, and items to donate. If you plan on selling items, make sure you plan to do it soon. A garage sale should be planned immediately to avoid the possibility of your clutter piling back up! If you haven’t used it in the last 1-2 years, chances are you won’t.

Divide up the garage into sections

Different people use their garage for different purposes. It might be a place to park the car, or a wood shop, or simply just a place for storage. Whatever it is, determine how you will use your garage and then start placing your items in zones. Get clear plastic bins for holiday items so you can see what’s in them. These bins could be kept on higher shelves since you won’t need them often. If you don’t have shelving, get some installed so you can utilize the walls and get things up off the floor. Make sure all your bins are labeled well and place heavier ones on the bottom. You’ll be amazed if you follow these tips for cleaning your garage that you can stow away your storage bins and still have room leftover to park your car in the garage too!

Cleaning out the garage doesn’t have to be a dreaded task! However, you can hire cleaning services to make the task easier for you, if you really don’t have the time.

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