Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Away

house cleaningHomeowners are always trying to find ways to make cleaning easier and faster. There are days when you take short cuts but did you know that doing so can make things harder for you later on. Admit it or not, you’ve developed some bad cleaning habits that are preventing you from performing house cleaning effectively.

You should break these habits right away so you can enjoy a much cleaner home. To help you get started, choose at least one bad cleaning habit to change every week. Then, you’ll eventually find yourself being able to clean your home faster and more efficiently.

Allowing Paper Clutter To Pile Up

You still have a lot of paper at home even if online banking and billing already exist. School papers, newspapers, and magazines are only a few of the paper clutter that pile up. Assign a place near the main entry way for all paper forms, periodicals, and mail and make sure that you have a recycling bin or shredder close by. Sort through the paper clutter at least once a week and take the required action or get rid of it. Tax receipts and other important papers should be filed. You can also take photos of your kid’s artwork and have it framed. If you have lots of magazines, you can share them with schools and retirement homes. You can also sign up for an online subscription to lessen the clutter in your home.

Leaving Wet Shower Curtains and Towels Bunched Up

You don’t want to spend a lot of time in the laundry room trying to scrub away the mildew from bathroom surfaces. Never leave wet towels and shower curtains bunched up on the floor. This is one of the many simple bad habits that you can break. All you have to do is close the shower curtains after every use. It will dry faster. Plus, it will discourage the growth of mildew. You should also hang wet towels to dry.

Cleaning Using Dirty Tools

You can’t expect to get clean results if you are using dirty cleaning tools. For example, if your washer has a weird odor, that could be from the bacteria that has built up. If you still use it, you can expect your clothes to smell the same. If the vacuum filter or bag is filled with dust, then it won’t be effective at sucking the dirt. A dirty sponge or mop will just push around more bacteria and soil. Make sure that you clean your cleaning tools thoroughly after every use. Empty them and wash them thoroughly in hot water. Don’t’ forget to add a disinfectant.

Using Only One Disinfectant Wipe To Clean The Whole Bathroom

If you need to quickly wipe down of your bathroom sink, you can use disposable disinfectant wipes. But one wipe doesn’t contain enough disinfectant to clean the entire bathroom. Once you reach the handles and the seat, the wipe will have lost its disinfectant qualities and you are just spreading the bacteria from one surface to another.

To make the bathroom cleaning much more effective, the wipe must contain sufficient disinfectant moisture so that the surface will stay wet for at least four minutes. Use several wipes to clean the bathroom thoroughly. If you don’t want to deal with all these, you can always hire cleaning services.

Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink

How long does it take you to put the dirty glasses on the dishwasher instead of the sink? If you leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, it will become a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Soon, you’ll see it swarmed with hungry insects. This is one bad habit you need to get rid of if you want house cleaning Myrtle Beach done right.

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