Bad House Cleaning Habits You Need To Break

house cleaningEverybody wants to know how to clean easier and faster. Some use shortcuts so they could get the job done right away but did you know that they can make things more difficult for you down the road. You may even be unaware that you’ve already developed bad house cleaning habits, which prevents you from getting the job done efficiently. You have to break these bad house cleaning habits so you could enjoy a cleaner home in a fast and efficient manner.

Bad House Cleaning Habits and How To Break Them

Letting Paper Clutter Pile Up

Even with online banking and billing, there’s still a mountain of paper that winds up in your houses. Projects, school papers, newspapers, and magazines have a tendency to accumulate. Don’t do that. Assign a place close to the entryway for all paper forms, periodicals, and mail. Don’t forget to keep a recycling bin or shredder close by. You should sort through and take on the required action or throw them away. You should file important papers such as tax receipts. If you have lots of magazines, you can donate them to schools, retirement homes, or cancel your subscription and read them online.

Leaving Wet Shower Curtains and Towels Bunched Up

Do you want to spend less time scrubbing mildew in the bathroom or laundry room? Never leave wet shower curtains and wet towels piled up on the floor. You can discourage mildew growth by closing the shower curtain every after use, allowing it to dry more quickly. Don’t forget to hang wet towels, as well.

Using Too Much Cleaning Products

Some people think that using a lot of house cleaning Myrtle Beach products means it will work faster and better. That’s a common misconception. If you use too much laundry detergent and too much cleaner will cause more harm than good. If you don’t rinse the cleaning product completely, the residue would become a dirt magnet, which will trap soil. You must read and follow the directions and use only the recommended amount.

Using Dirty Tools

You can’t expect to get excellent results if you are cleaning with dirty tools. For example, your clothes will smell bad if your washer stinks because of accumulated bacteria in the detergent residue. The same goes with using a vacuum that has a filthy bag or filter or using a dirty sponge or mop. Make sure to clean your tools after using by emptying them completely and washing them in hot water with disinfectant.

Using Only One Disinfectant Wipe To Clean The Bathroom

A disposable disinfectant wipe is an excellent way to clean your bathroom sink fast. But using only one to clean the entire bathroom is never a good idea. By the time you reach the toilet handles and seat, the wipes’ disinfectant qualities are already gone. Using just one disinfectant wipe means you are just spreading bacteria.

You have to use wipes that have enough moisture so that the surface that you use them on will remain wet for four minutes, at least. Use multiple clean cloth and wipes and enough water solution and disinfectant for a thorough clean. If you don’t have the time or you just want the help of the pros, you can always hire a cleaning service expert.

Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Kitchen Sink

Never leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink because that can easily turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. You should wash the dishes right away or put them in the dishwasher immediately.

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