How To Conquer Bathroom Clutter

Bathroom clutter Myrtle BeachIf your bathroom is like so many others, it gets cluttered up in a hurry with everything from makeup to medicine, but there are ways to keep a more tidy appearance in the bathroom. You never want to have to worry about being embarrassed by the bathroom should an unexpected guest show up!

So here are a few tips to keep in mind for daily bathroom clutter control.

First, get control of your medicine cabinet. We hear it all the time—check your expiration dates and throw out any old medicine! But how many of us really do it? Well, now is the time to check all those old prescription bottles and even the cough syrup and pain reliever from the drugstore down the street. The truth is that if they are past their expiration dates, that can really affect the potency of the medicine and if it’s super old, some of the ingredients in the medicine can break down and separate. To be extra safe, take any unused pills to the pharmacist to dispose of it so that it doesn’t end up in ground water by simply throwing it away or flushing it.

Also, the bathroom medicine cabinet really isn’t a good place to store your medicine, believe it or not. Most meds need to be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Warm, humid bathrooms are not the best answer. So consider getting an airtight storage container and store all your meds on a high shelf in your linen closet, away from little hands and wet bathrooms.

Then tackle your makeup. It too should not be kept past expiration dates. They are there for a reason! Many makeup products are made with animal-based ingredients, so check to see how they smell. Mascara only lasts 3 months while most makeup will last up to 18 months. Nail polish should be tossed after a year. Use a marker and write the date of purchase on them so you will know how old they are.

Don’t stock up on all those mini bottles and soaps from hotels. They can seriously add to your bathroom clutter. If you want a few for travel, that’s fine, but watch that you don’t add to clutter. If you have several half used bottles of something, create a box to store those bottles and only keep one bottle at a time out. Then go replace it with the next bottle and don’t buy more of something till you’re totally out of it!

Home stores have lots of cute and fun organizing containers, so check them out and let organizing be a way to create a fresh look in your bathroom. With so many options available now, there’s really no reason to be bogged down with bathroom clutter.  So toss out those extra scrunchies, hairbrushes and bottles of smelly lotion you got for Christmas 5 years ago and get a hold of your clutter!

Need help with organizing your bathroom clutter?  Give Gordy The Handyman a call.   We can install new cabinets, fix broken fixtures or install new tile.

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