House Cleaning Tips: Time-Saving Bathroom Cleaning

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The most used space in your home and also usually the hardest to keep clean is your bathroom. By including a couple of time-consuming bathroom cleaning ideas right into your normal cleaning tasks, you could reduce your house cleaning time, save money on cleaning materials and take pleasure in a clean bathroom for a long time.

How To Work Your Bathroom Cleaning Routine

When you plan to clean your bathroom, might as well start with the mirrors and shower doors. You will surely conserve time and energy cleaning the inside first, then outside. The dust from the mirrors and from the wall surface could end up on the flooring. If this is done first, the dust could just be cleaned up in one sweep of the floor.

You do not need a pricey cleaning product when it comes to the mirror and shower door cleaning says a house cleaning professional. The product that you need is already available in the kitchen– vinegar, water, and alcohol. Just add 1 part water, 1/ 4 cup of alcohol and 1/3 cup of vinegar to a spray container and shake to blend. Spray on the glass surface and wipe with a clean cloth.

For soap scum and grime removal, you can follow a two-step procedure– scrub then spray. The first step is to scrub the dirty area with a brush to loosen up the gunk to make sure that a cleaner could penetrate it quicker. Next off, spray or clean on a concentrated cleaning product. Let it stay for half an hour then you will see the grime and scum rinse of easily.

After cleaning up the bathtub as well as the shower doors and enclosure, coat the surface areas with a car wax. Do this at least two times a year then it will surely prevent dust from sticking and can cut cleaning time in half.

Another easy house cleaning tip for bathroom maintenance is to clean the shower stalls and enclosure right after every bath. This will surely keep the dust as well as gunk from developing and can make bathroom cleaning easier.

Now it is time to clean the toilet, countertop, sink and other large areas in the bathroom. By this time, you already know that white vinegar is a low-cost and an effective cleaner for these tasks. Just use the white vinegar with a clean cloth and let it sit for a few minutes after spraying. After that rinse and wipe the solution.

Another easy bathroom cleaning tip is to use carpets outside the shower. This way, it traps water and dust, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the bathroom. If you do not have a shower enclosure, use drape or shower curtains. For the faucet and sink, you can use toothpaste to effectively remove grime.

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