House Cleaning To Beat The Winter Blues

House Cleaning Myrtle BeachWinter Cleaning?

Although most of us know deep cleaning as spring-cleaning, let’s face it—we want to be outside enjoying the spring, not inside scrubbing baseboards! So while it’s winter, here are some ways you can get a jump on that deep clean and get ready for spring!

Choose one room and focus only on cleaning that room top to bottom. Start with bed linens. Strip all sheets and bedding and wash them in the hottest water possible. The hot water will kill off any dust-mites. If possible, turn your mattress over so you will be able to sleep on a firmer mattress let it wear evenly. Continue to work your way through the room by cleaning curtains, vacuuming walls and ceilings of any cobwebs and dirt, and dusting baseboards. Finally, vacuum the carpets, or if you have hardwood or tile, mop from the far side of the room and work yourself out of the room. Keep the water changed and fresh so you don’t spread dirty water across the floor.

Next, tackle desks, dressers, and closets. These are usually areas that we tend to hide our mess and only allow our closest friends to see. Go through your papers that are stacked and create an organized system for processing mail and paying bills, clipping coupons, or whatever else you need to do at your desk.

Finally, clean your closets out! This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Just go through and remove any items you don’t wear or are out of season and quickly decide whether they need to be stored or donated. Make quick decisions and move on. Your closets, like the rest of your home, should be functional, not frustrating.

Let the sunshine in! Winter can be a dark time with short days and long nights, so get as much light as possible in your home. Sunshine will help those winter blues and staying active will help you feel energetic, even in the cold, dark months of winter. Organizing one room at a time will give you the motivation to keep going and do the rest of the house. By the time spring arrives, you’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine and not inside house cleaning!

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