Homeowner’s Guide In Hiring Suitable House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Myrtle BeachIf you are one of those homeowners who have no time for house cleaning, you might be considering hiring a maid service. On the other hand, looking for the right cleaning service might not be easy, especially if there are numerous cleaning companies and service providers in your area. To help you with this dilemma here is an easy guide that you can follow to find the most suitable cleaning service for your needs.

Finding The Right House Cleaning Service

 Hire a house cleaning service that offers a trial run

 Most house cleaning companies offer a trial run to allow time for the contractors and the homeowners to understand the expectations and requirements of their potential agreement. Usually, trial runs cover 2-4 cleaning sessions. Agreeing with a trial run will benefit you as the homeowner since you will be able to obtain a clear understanding of how the cleaning company operates, particularly their cleaning process. In return, the service provider will use this time to get to know you and show their best service to win you over and close the deal.

Basically, the trial period is a time when the homeowner and contractor start building a foundation for their work relationship. If it seems that the trial period is not working – for example, the homeowner is not satisfied with the cleaning service or the contractor realizes that the services needed by the homeowner are out of their scope – there will not be any commitments or liabilities for both parties involved.

Check the service provided after each cleaning session

If you are paying for a cleaning service, it is only logical that you expect a thorough cleaning job done throughout your house. That is why it is important that you check to determine how they cleaned your house after each cleaning session, especially during the trial period and a couple more sessions after the trial period, just to ensure they remain consistent with their services.

What you want to primarily check is whether or not your house looks and smells neat and clean. You also want to check carpet and flooring areas that are not easily visible – such as those under your beds and couches to determine if they are thoroughly vacuumed. Additionally, you might want to check how they cleaned your kitchen floors – whether they have been washed or lightly mopped.

Other areas not easily seen that you may want to check include the corners of each room and the parts of the walls that reach to the ceiling. These along with your furniture should be free of dust and grime. Every toilet in your house should have been well scrubbed and all mirrors, sinks, and chrome work inside the house should be sparkling clean.

Do not be bothered if you notice small items on your cabinets or tables have been moved. This only means that the cleaning crew has been diligent and meticulous in cleaning your house. It means they took the time to remove everything to dust the table and dust each item before replacing them.

Discuss costs

When negotiating costs with the house cleaning company consider factors that may affect the cost. Some of these factors include:

  • Location and size of your house
  • Number of household members
  • Number of times you want your house to be cleaned in a week
  • Aside from these, cleaning companies also consider the number of small children and pets you are living with. The reason for this is because if you are living with children and pets, it means your house will be dirtier than average homes and that it may need more frequent cleaning. Thus, the cleaning contractors will have to use additional tools and equipment when cleaning your home.

You also want to mention the areas that you want to be cleaned as well as how thorough you want your house to be cleaned. It is important that you let the cleaning service know your expectations and requirements of the job so they can provide you with a realistic quote.

A standard cleaning service basically includes the following:

  1. Cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms
  2. Vacuuming throughout the house
  3. Mopping especially in the kitchen and laundry area
  4. Sweeping in some or all of the rooms, depending on what you require
  5. Making beds
  6. Dusting all throughout the house including cabinets, furniture, and fixtures

If you need additional cleaning services – such as doing the laundry, washing windows or spot-cleaning stains on your carpet, you should discuss and negotiate with the cleaning company. Note, however, that this will add additional costs to the standard rate offered by the contractor.

When negotiating for the final cost of the cleaning services that will be rendered, it is important to clarify with your service who will be providing the cleaning supplies. There are some contractors that expect you to have all the necessary cleaning supplies – particularly the liquid solutions and detergents. This is especially true for those households that use specific brands of liquid detergents and cleaning solutions because of allergy problems. However, you can also have the cleaning company provide the cleaning materials and supplies. Again, these can all be discussed as you negotiate the costs.

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