Hiring A Reliable House Cleaning Service Company

Cleaning Services Myrtle BeachEmploying a housekeeping or house cleaning service? Find out why a background check is vital just like having an insurance policy.

Stealing. Unreliable personnel. Unprofessional cleaning services company. Any of these situations could happen if you neglect to do your research before employing a cleaning service company.

Finding The Right Cleaning Service Company

Right here are some things you could do to secure your home when working with a housekeeping service:

Any Report of Stealing

It is not uncommon for cleaning services companies to hire people off the streets just to get the job done. People who may not have the same ethics as the cleaning company owners.

  • Never leave a purse or wallet where it can easily be found.
  • Make sure your computer is either off or protected by a secure password.
  • Do not make it easy for people to access your financial information.

Conduct Background Check

  • Does the company you hire perform a background check of its employees? Ask the process of background check they do. Is it performed by a third party screening company?
  • Does the cleaning service treat their employees like family? Do they check their work and provide feedback on ways to improve their job?
  • Do they pay a fair wage or are they only interested in making a profit for themselves? Do they offer bonuses for providing good customer service?
  • A good employee is a key to success for a cleaning company. Do they have a history of longevity with employees?
  • Before hiring a cleaning company, ask to see a copy of the history check on any type of worker who will be working in your home.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that even if a company screens their workers, a background check isn’t constantly foolproof.
  • What kind of training is provided for the staff? Are new employees sent into a home with an experienced employee? Are there checks to ensure that not only is a good job done but any damage is reported?
  • Keep in mind the old saying “you always get just what you pay for.” When you select a house cleaning company just because it provides the lowest rate, you could wind up with crappy work or a firm that does not totally screen its workers.
  • Always get a quote prior to contracting for cleaning. The price will be higher for a one-time cleaning than for a regularly scheduled cleaning.

Validate insurance policy and bonding

Intended to safeguard the homeowner if something fails, insurance covers problems by the cleaner, such as a bond covers a staff member’s deceitful criminal behavior, such as burglary and bleach stains.

Never work with a house cleaning company that is not completely bonded and insured.

Before working with a residential cleaning company, always request evidence of liability insurance as well as confirm that the business is bonded. You could likewise request for their policy numbers or call the insurer to verify that the plan is current.

For companies with more than one worker, see to it they also have workers’ compensation insurance coverage to cover any type of potential injuries on duty.

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