Getting Your Home Clean For Christmas

christmas cleaningChristmas Cleaning

If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about the holidays and the tons of family that are sure to show up at your door. While we all love Christmas, family togetherness and all that comes with it, you also want to make sure your house is ready for all the company. So, weather you’re hosting guests, throwing a party or just enjoying time with friends, here are some great tips to get your home ready for the holidays!

Christmas Cleaning Tips

First, you will want to organize your home. Clutter just makes everything seem smaller and more cramped, so take some time to clear out your rooms of unnecessary clutter. Remember, your guests will need spaces to place their personal items, luggage, etc., so clear the perimeters of the rooms they’ll be staying in.

Next, dust all the furniture in each room and remove any drapes that can be washed. Do these things at the same time to prevent having to mop or dust again after you remove the curtains.

Clean the inside and outside of your windows. If this is not a chore you can accomplish, then at least wipe down the areas of the windows you can get to and let them shine! After you clean the windows and wipe around the windowsills and baseboards below, you’ll be ready to mop the floors in that area.

The next step in our Christmas cleaning is to wash and change all the linens, bedding and fluff the pillows. It’s a wonderful and welcoming feeling for your guests to get into a freshly made bed with crisp, clean linens, so take that extra time to make the beds in your home inviting and cozy!

Don’t forget to leave some energy to do some Christmas decorating. I like to do some of the last bits of Christmas cleaning for when I decorate so I can do it as I go. As I put my tree up, I wipe down the baseboards, vacuum the floor in that area and then again once the tree is fully decorated. If you have a fireplace, sweep it out and make it look clean as well. Dust from burned out wood can easily float into the rest of the room, so do this BEFORE you vacuum.

Lastly, think about the way your rooms are organized. If you’ve done a lot of heavy decorating, you may need to think about re-configuring the way your furniture is arranged to open up space, especially if you plan on having parties in your house. Let the season inspire you! Christmas cleaning can be a great time to get your house in order for the rest of the year.

It will be much easier to keep things organized and clean after the holidays—just another reason to dive into your Christmas cleaning!

For more information and tips on cleaning, keep checking back! Cleaning is what we do and we’ve got plenty of great ideas to make life easier, so go grab your broom and dust cloths and get your home ready to shine this holiday season!

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