Getting Your House Cleaning In Order

Kitchen Cleaning Myrtle BeachWhen it comes to house cleaning, clutter becomes your number one enemy. We all have clutter lying around at any given time, but the key to getting control over it is to not let it build up for too long. If you don’t conquer the clutter in its small stages, then huge piles develop and then the task of cleaning becomes overwhelming. House cleaning doesn’t have to be that hard if it’s done efficiently. Here are some tips to walk through your entire house and get it in order! Once you get these things in place, the maintenance is much easier.

The House Cleaning Plan Of Attack

The Kitchen. This is by far the hardest room in the house to keep clean and organized because we spend so much time there. Food can be a dirty thing too if not handled and stored properly. Start with the fridge—go through all perishable items and look for expired dates and throw them out if they have exceeded that expiration date. Throw away anything you know you won’t use or that just doesn’t appeal to you. Pull everything out and wash down the inside of the fridge, including drawers and shelves, with warm soapy water. It’s much easier to keep the refrigerator clean if you start by deep cleaning it. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside too, including the top!

Now you can go through your pantry items and get rid of any clutter like empty jars, the excess product that has gone bad, etc. Make sure all the dry items are stored in airtight containers, in order to avoid “pantry bugs.”

The Bathroom. A great idea for keeping the bathroom clean is to have your products very convenient. Each time you use the sink and the countertop gets wet, take the few seconds needed to wipe it down with a dry cloth and prevent mildew, mold, or a grimy surface.

After making sure the tub and/or shower has been thoroughly cleaned, keep it clean by rinsing the shower stall or bathtub after each use. Disinfecting wipes are a great thing to have on hand in every bathroom!

Laundry Room. The best tip here is to keep the laundry going all through the week, rather than having to do a huge pile on the weekends. Why spend your whole Saturday catching up on mountains of laundry when you could just do a load or two a day through the week? A hamper with divided slots will allow you to sort your clothes as you go, making laundry time that much faster. Reclaim your weekends!

Bedrooms. When vacuuming or mopping in the bedrooms, don’t forget to clean under the bed, if possible. Dust tends to build up quickly in those places. Also, clear away any clutter on your nightstand table. Get rid of old magazines, empty tubes or bottles, or even expired makeup, etc. If you keep books on your nightstand, be sure to dust them off so they don’t get dirty or sticky.

The Family Room. Junk mail is the bane of our existence for most of us! Make part of your house cleaning routine include taking the time to go through it and throw it away each day and don’t let clutter build up! Get a little hook strip to hang on the wall for your keys, or have a small basket on hand. Always put your keys in the same place! Also, I like having a large basket to put odds and ends into while I’m cleaning. When the job is done, go through the basket and put things away.

Staying organized is easier if you use a container system so that everything has a home. It also makes it very rare for you to lose something and waste valuable time searching for misplaced items. Your home should be your sanctuary, so work one room at a time and the job won’t overwhelm you! Check back for our next article on organizing. Now that you have your house cleaning under control, you will want to implement a system for keeping it organized and clutter-free.

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